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  • High Tatras - Where Silence Speaks

    The wind grabbed a waft of mist the size of an aircraft carrier and propelled it up and over the edge of the ridge. That huge, floating, swirling mass was as stupefying a sight as a pirouetting hippo.

  • Ice Climbing - Chasing the Ice

    Alexandra Schweikart, Climber: The winter didn't do us ice climbers any favours: thanks to the warm temperatures and an abundance of powder snow, we spent more time with skis on our feet than ice tool

  • adidas Outdoor terrex news spring/summer'15

    In spring/summer '15, adidas Outdoor will relaunch terrex. Besides established key products, the terrex range will be completed with several new versatile and lightweight styles. They are made without

  • 2,500 climbing fans celebrate international bouldering elite

    This weekend, the who's who of the international sports climbing community gathered for a veritable climbing rock show in Stuttgart's Porsche-Arena. Around 70 athletes from 20 different countries, inc

  • The Marble Cathedral

    An icy wind was howling down the lake, whipping the surface into gigantic waves... It felt like we were in the middle of a raging ocean, with waves crashing over the sides of our boat – not much more

  • Iceclimbing Essentials

    YOU could say that Guido Unterwurzacher is a guy who is easy to get along with. Regardless of whether on rock, mountain or ice, Guido is open-minded and ready to fit in. He neither prefers nor neglect

  • Riglos Rendezvous

    I'm 200 m above the ground and getting pumped. Deep down, I know this probably shouldn't be happening; my right hand is wrapped around what should be a "thank God" hold. Shaped like a protruding

  • Buttermilks and Zion

    Highballing and trad climbing on America's finest rock.A sudden cry from above tore apart the silence and a split second later Alex slammed into the crashpads in front of his dumbfounded spotters. It

  • Winterspecials

    2013 WINTER SPECIALSSki mountaineering, winter bouldering, ice climbing or ski touring: Are you one of those people who, with the right equipment, are ready to hit the trail as soon as the first frost

  • THE BIANCO RIDGE in winter

    HARDER THAN YOU THINK THE BIANCO RIDGE IN WINTERThe challenge was doing the Bianco Ridge in winter. Real winter, not the meteorological one." To have one of the most awe-inspiring routes in the Alps a


    It is not every rally in winter conditions that requires spikes and horsepower. Sometimes ice axe and muscles have to do. What remain the same are the stages and the special stage tests.

  • Pakistan 2012 Karakorum Twenty-Twelve Journey to the Heart of the Mountains

    "If you never travel, you can never come back home!" is what I wrote at the beginning of my travel diary.I am on the way to Pakistan – Karakorum, in fact – together with Max Berger, Christian Hechenbe