Beat Kammerlander

Rock Climber

Beat Kammerlander
Date of birth: 14.01.1959
Hometown: Bludenz, Austria
Beat Kammerlander ranks among the best rock climbers in the world and has contributed significantly to the development of the sport, particularly in the alpine world. For many years, his route 'Silbergeier' was listed in the top three most difficult alpine tours worldwide, the Trilogy, until Alexander Huber climbed a more difficult route at the Western Zinne Northwall in 2003. In 2009, at the age of 50, Beat Kammelander mastered the ‚clean' ascent of his route 'Prinzip Hoffnung' at the Bürse Face in Vorarlberg, Austria.
How did you get into climbing? Who introduced you to the sport?
I started climbing relatively late, at the age of 17. My instructors and masters were Wolfgang Muxl and Wolfgang Lorker. At that time, Wolfgang Lorker was one of the best alpine climbers ever and I am very thankful that those two discovered me, because they did not only teach me how to climb, but also shaped my attitude towards climbing. My view could have also developed in a completely different direction.