• 14-JUN-2013

Every game starts 0-0: adidas launches its FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013™ campaign

Daniel Alves, Lucas, Fred and David Villa were chosen for a video that highlights how important it is to give your all, even for the best players. #vamoscomtudo / #giveityourall

São Paulo– Titles, historic victories and trophies are important for any soccer team but, when the ball starts rolling, none of that matters. After all, every game starts at zero-nothing. This is the message with which adidas will set itself apart and launch its official campaign for the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 ™: #vamoscomtudo!

Daniel Alves, Fred and Lucas were chosen to show what players always say to their fans: you have to fight for victory at every game, every play, every minute. David Villa, Spanish national team forward, strengthens this group. The current world champions also set their past aside when the referee blows the starting whistle.