Iceclimbing Essentials

Fall/Winter 2013


YOU could say that Guido Unterwurzacher is a guy who is easy to get along with. Regardless of whether on rock, mountain or ice, Guido is open-minded and ready to fit in. He neither prefers nor neglects any form of climbing activity. So Guido is into everything and is ready to help out anybody: a nice guy. However, he demonstrated what he is really capable of on the Frozen Rally in Pinnistal. That's because ice climbing saps your energy to the last. Normally you only need one decent frozen waterfall and you are exhausted. Complete two climbs like that, one after the other, and you are totally finished. But eight waterfalls in just one day? That is tough, that is awesome, that is incredible, that is Guido's world. That is when everything has to be just right. From your fitness,to your ice tools and your clothing.

It is not without reason, then, that on many icy mornings he heads out with the Terrex Ndosphere Jacket, which really delivers the performance in frosty temperatures as well as during demanding activities. Insulated stretch inserts guarantee absolute freedom of movement with 360° insulation while the Cocona® layer looks after active moisture management. If things start heating up on the cold ice, then the easily stowable Ndosphere disappears into the rucksack to be replaced by the Terrex Advanced Jacket, because in terms of no-compromise performance, Guido and this technical masterpiece are one of a kind.

The athletic FORMOTION® cut ensures comfortable freedom of movement in every situation, especially when you are working with your hands above your head. You can hammer ice, reach up, stretch, bend, twist: the jacket moves with you, retains its fit and breathes freely thanks to the new GORE-TEX® Pro Shell material that protects against wind and rain as well as lets off steam at the high-performance end of the spectrum. This lightweight yet tough composition for extreme situations is rounded off with watertight zips, helmet-compatible hood and an integrated merino face mask.