• 02-MAY-2012

Sasha DiGiulian sends second 9a

Sasha in Era Bella 4
Sasha DiGiulian has done it again – after ‘Pure Imagination’ (5.14d/9a), she sends ‘Era Bella’ (5.14d/9a) that was established by Chris Sharma in Spanish Margalef. “Era Bella was my longest ‘project’ yet… and definitely introduced me to the emotions of working hard towards something and not initially succeeding,” she explains her experiences. After her trip to Spain in March she came back this May. “I had never worked on a route and left it unsent before and after leaving Spain I immediately booked my flight back for my next available calendar date.” And she has lots of plans for the future: “I know that there are tons of routes out there that will require much more time and effort, and I am ready to confront these challenges!“ She is staying in Spain until May 3rd and then going to Melloblocco in Italy.