• 23-MAY-2012

Slacklining across the USA: Lukas Irmler Travels to Slacklining Birthplace and Takes it to Next Level

Lukas Irmler added yet another experience to his long list of achievements within slacklining. Traveling across one of the greatest continents and experiencing the thrill of creating new slackline combinations, enjoying the vast varieties of the great outdoors. This and more is among the many adventures Lukas and his friends experienced while traveling in the United States.

Becoming one with nature, and being able to practically roll out of their tent onto a slackline even before having breakfast, was what this trip was all about for Lukas Irmler and his friends as they travelled to some of the greatest slacklining locations in the United States of America.

Lukas and his friends started their trip by going to the biggest highline meeting in the world, the G.G.B.Y (Gobble Gobble Bitches YEAH), which took place in the desert close to Moab, Utah. An experience of a lifetime; hanging out with a crowd of over 100 slackliners all eager to explore and try new slacklining combinations. Here Lukas and his friends also created the very first Slackline spider web - creating three highlines which are connected in the middle and then span out to different anchor-points on the surrounding rock. The spider web was a success and the guys even tried walking the highlines all at the same time. Lukas explains the feeling as they finally succeed "We tried the whole day and fell several times, but finally we reached the middle of the spider web at the exact same time and grabbed each other's hands. We stood totally exposed in the middle of nowhere, 100 meters above ground and far away from the security of the surrounding walls of the canyon and celebrated our successful 'three way' - send of the first spaceline (the middle of the spider web)."

Leaving the desert the boys went to Moab and spent the time with friends experimenting and challenging themselves, setting up some of the most amazing highlines Lukas has ever tried "During this time we went for different highline projects every day, and set up some of the most epic highlines I've ever walked - for example a tower highline, the very first highline in an arch, a highline over the Colorado - I could go on and on" Lukas explains about the adventures.

The 'boombox' was the next project and at a staggering 80 meters it is the longest highline Lukas has ever walked. Leaving behind the traces of some amazing lines, the boys now moved on to the more chilled California for more experiences.

In San Francisco the boys relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery from highlines on Mt. Tam and Mt. Diavolo. Experiencing the California vibe and relaxing with tricklines and highlines in great locations, the boys felt ready to face their final destination. Joshua Park.

Joshua Tree National Park set the scene for the last two weeks of the amazing trip the boys had ventured through. Never resting, the boys made sure to keep busy "We walked twelve highlines there and I also got the chance to go bouldering and climbing. In addition we rigged a 67 meters long highline called "Big Boy', which was the world record length two years ago. I was able to send this line on the very first try in both directions - the longest highline I've walked on-sight up till now!"