adidas Rockstars



This weekend adidas invited international stars from the bouldering and sport climbing scene to a second edition of adidas ROCKSTARS at the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, Germany. The elite line-up competed for this year's title in an exciting boulder battle, spurred on by live music. Alex Puccio (USA) and Sean McColl (CAN) won the competition and the title “adidas ROCKSTAR 2012”. Around 70 of the world’s best bouldering athletes from 20 different countries travelled to Stuttgart, Germany to experience a top-level bouldering competition. Spurred on by Swiss rock band Sideburn they fought through qualifying, semi-final and final rounds for the chance to take on the unique ROCKSTARS superfinal. This special format pits the top two climbers against each other on identical problems but without the benefit of being able to see the other competitor. Only the crowd’s cheers offer a rough guideline of how the other is faring. On the superfinal problem Puccio and McColl were dominant, flashing the problem in mere seconds. Akiyo Noguchi (JAP) and Jon Cardwell (USA) took only one fall each, but had to settle for second place after Puccio and McColl slapped the buzzer on top of the super boulder. Understandably, Puccio was very happy with her performance: "This is my second year climbing the super boulder and I learned from my mistakes; last year I was a bit slow and took time to look at the problem before I got on it. With this in mind, I decided that if I got to the superfinal (this year) l wouldn’t even look – I’d just get on the boulder. ROCKSTARS is such an amazing event and I’m really excited for the third edition!” McColl agrees: "The super boulder was really fun even though it wasn’t the hardest boulder in the final,” he said. “While the format of the competition is similar to other competitions, the final round is what really stands out and makes it so cool. When I have dreams about perfect competitions it’s very similar to adidas ROCKSTARS; the athletes lounge, the security, a huge arena, phenomenal competition and organization - as you can imagine I had a great weekend!” Mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner, who came specifically to Stuttgart to watch the event, was also taken with the concept and the achievements of the bouldering athletes. "This is a fantastic event and it is hosted in the right place, in the centre of a major city, accessible to everyone and environmentally justifiable. What I like about bouldering is that in addition to strength, creativity and speed you need savvy, as you always have to choose the right sequence." More Photos of the event are available on the event FTP-Server: IP-Address/Server: User: adidasROCKSTARS Password: media2012