adidas NEWS STREAM > BULGARIA (БЪЛГАРИЯ) > products > DIGITAL SPORTS e2691b1b-f2ec-411c-b48e-ff51cebb1a44/miCoach Elite Team System miCoach Elite Team System This new adidas product is the first system of its kind that uses physiological data in real time sending it straight to a coach's tablet on the side-line. The system not only provides real-time insig ]]> 16.11.2013 г. 3:07:00 8abb8eca-ef3d-40de-b878-0aec2c00a704/adidas miCoach console game adidas miCoach console game Global sportswear brand, adidas, and international publisher of video games, 505 Games, brings the long-awaited adidas miCoach console game to aspiring athletes on Xbox 360® video game and entertainme ]]> 13.7.2012 г. 14:39:00