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  • adidas and Wanderlust Announce Integrated Partnership

    adidas, a global leader in the sporting goods industry, and Wanderlust, producer of the largest yoga lifestyle events in the world, announce a national, multi-year partnership to bring an entirely new

  • 2,500 climbing fans celebrate international bouldering elite

    This weekend, the who's who of the international sports climbing community gathered for a veritable climbing rock show in Stuttgart's Porsche-Arena. Around 70 athletes from 20 different countries, inc

  • The Marble Cathedral

    An icy wind was howling down the lake, whipping the surface into gigantic waves... It felt like we were in the middle of a raging ocean, with waves crashing over the sides of our boat – not much more

  • Riglos Rendezvous

    I'm 200 m above the ground and getting pumped. Deep down, I know this probably shouldn't be happening; my right hand is wrapped around what should be a "thank God" hold. Shaped like a protruding

  • Buttermilks and Zion

    Highballing and trad climbing on America's finest rock.A sudden cry from above tore apart the silence and a split second later Alex slammed into the crashpads in front of his dumbfounded spotters. It

  • Pakistan 2012 Karakorum Twenty-Twelve Journey to the Heart of the Mountains

    "If you never travel, you can never come back home!" is what I wrote at the beginning of my travel diary.I am on the way to Pakistan – Karakorum, in fact – together with Max Berger, Christian Hechenbe

  • Sachi Amma Sends All Hard Horai Routes This Spring

    Herzogenaurach/Horai, June 13, 2013 – adidas climber Sachi Amma completes all hard routes in Horai (Japan) by sending Spectator (9a) this weekend. Just a few days earlier, he climbs Meta Force Extensi

  • First female Ascent – Mayan Smith-Gobat sends "Punks in the Gym" (8b+/5,14a)

    On October 28th, New Zealand climber Mayan Smith-Gobat rocked the Australian Arapiles. After spending several weeks at the site, and over two years obsessing about it,