• 09-JUN-2015

Gamedayplus Episode 15 – Champions League Final Special

In the run up to the UEFA Champions League Final the Gamedayplus team took a trip to Barcelona to see Ivan Rakitic and Luis Suarez, met Alvaro Morata for a secret boot drop, went to The Base where Zinidine Zidane, Enzo Zidane, Luca Zidane, Mesut Ozil, Ander Herrera, world freestyle football champion Sean Garnier, F2 Freestylers and the SkillTwins took each other on 2v2 and, finally, we hear from the incredible Leo Messi.

We meet Ivan Rakitic on-pitch, in Barcelona, to see how his passing controls the game. He works his way around a series of targets set up in positions that his world-class teammates take up. By replicating passes to wingback Jordi Alba, through balls to Suarez and Messi and precision freekicks from the edge of the box, Ivan proves that he can #bethedifference in the Final.

Next up Luis Suarez lets loose with a ball cannon to show how he causes chaos. He and Roman take to the pitch to test Roman's control but as the speed increases the scene gets more hectic to hilarious effect. We also hear from both players about their new X and Ace boots, which will be worn on the pitch in Berlin for the first time.

Roman is then set a mission by adidas HQ.

He travels through the streets of Barcelona where a mystery man hands over a package. Once in possession he rushes to a plane to make the final drop in Turin where Morata takes delivery of his new X boots. In a spectacular private airfield, we talk to Alvaro about his hopes for the final, how it felt to put his team into the biggest game of their season and his new personalized boots.

Then we're in the host city for the Champions League Final, Berlin. The Base is the home of a new revolution in football and the launch event was a true spectacle: a series of 2v2 games where the winners were players who impressed the judges with skills, passess and goals.

As part of the event the Zidane family, Herrera, Ozil, the F2 Freestylers, the SkillTwins and Sean Garnier face off in a series of 2v2s that show what the football revolution is all about. Games where pannas, rainbow flicks and rabona's are just the tip of the iceberg.

Then, finally, we speak to one and only Leo Messi about his finishing technique and what he does to make sure he finds the net.