• 17-SEP-2014

adidas miCoach partners with MyFitnessPal

miCoach 2
adidas miCoach training service today announced a partnership with MyFitnessPal, the leading nutrition app. The partnership brings adidas expertise in digital coaching together with diet and nutrition tracking from MyFitnessPal. With this new partnership, miCoach users can choose to automatically sync their data from the miCoach platform to MyFitnessPal where they will gain new insights that will enable them to balance nutrition and exercise.

Designed for running, training, fitness and sport, miCoach is a digital coaching service that embeds intelligence from top coaches to help anyone with a fitness goal train for their sport. The adidas miCoach train and run app can be paired with the miCoach Heart Rate Monitor and Speed Cell or new Fit Smart wrist-based training device to track workout intensity and provide an accurate record of calories burned during exercise. This data can be combined with calorie intake data recorded though the MyFitnessPal app. New insights available from combining the two data streams will enable users to gain useful information on how to balance energy expended through exercise and the nutrition needed to meet their goals.

"Getting the right amount of calories and nutrients to meet your movement demands is critical to maintaining energy, protecting the immune system and maximizing adaptation to training. Nutrient trackers like MyFitnessPal are not just for those looking to lose weight. Nutrition trackers are a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to ensure that they have the right nutrition to fuel their movement and their goals. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand and the more information we all have about how we move and how we eat, the better our results will be." – Amanda Carlson-Phillips, MS, RD, CSSD, VP – Nutrition and Research, EXOS.

adidas miCoach is opening its data platform to strategic partners who can help bring new benefits to consumers. According to a recent NPD survey, users of digital training devices most desire products that help them track activity, calorie intake and nutritional information for the foods they eat. A partnership between adidas miCoach and MyFitnessPal will bring these solutions together for consumers.

"We are excited about our partnership with MyFitnessPal. We believe that opening the miCoach data platform for like-minded partners to integrate with is a win for consumers. Enabling consumers to understand their calorie intake as it relates to their training activity brings meaningful new insight to help miCoach users perform at their best. Giving them information that will motivate them to get active, and stay active," said Simon Drabble, Director – adidas Digital Sports.

Concurrent with the announcement of its partnership with MyFitnessPal, adidas miCoach is launching an all-new mobile app experience aimed at helping people set and reach weekly goals, as well as commit to longer-term training plans. Weekly goals uniquely combine the effectiveness of heart rate-based training with the flexibility and motivational benefits of short-term attainable goals.

"We believe the combination of adidas digital training data and our own nutrition and fitness data will give our joint members a powerful combination of insights to fuel their health and athletic goals," said Mike Lee, Co-Founder and CEO, MyFitnessPal. "We look forward to working with adidas, taking another step towards helping people live healthier lives."