• 10-FEB-2016

adidas Tennis Launches Unique Limited Edition Footwear Range

SS16 EP Artemis Social Tease

2-10-2016 – Herzogenaurach, Germany

No one has mastered the art of world domination like the ancient Romans and Greeks. Inspired by their excellence in battle, adidas has developed a truly unique limited edition footwear range for both men and women.

This one-of-a-kind collection lets players take on their opponents with shoes whose very names alone demand respect: the Barricade Alexander, the Barricade Hannibal, the adizero Ubersonic Aphrodite and adizero Ubersonic Artemis.

Anyone lacing up these shoes will command the game with the vision of the greatest military strategists and the invincibility of the gods. Each of the four models offers modern players different means to rise above the competition. Whether they want to break down their opponents with relentless power play, outsmart them with brilliant tactics or overrun them with lightning-fast strikes.

The first silhouette of the SS16 limited edition collection – the adizero Ubersonic Aphrodite - drops on February 14th, 2016, followed closely by the Barricade Alexander, Barricade Hannibal and adizero Ubersonic Artemis.