adidas boxing inspired training



adidas boxing inspired training SS12 - Ashley Conrad
The new adidas boxing inspired work out and the cardio dance training benefits of getting you better and faster for your own sport were experienced by several instructors, sports amateurs and journalists from all around the world, in Mexico. Developed by the Hollywood based global trainer Ashley Conrad, adidas boxing inspired training consists of a full body work out, very empowering, which makes you faster through lots of cardio work while also improving reaction and concentration skills. The new cardio Dance work out was created by Marta Formoso with the help of star choreographers RJ Durrell and Nick Florez and is the coolest way to work out hard for summer while having fun. The training work outs are part of Men's and Women's training campaigns for SS'12, where we find Vastine and David Villa training for one goal. At the same time, Tyne, Paula and Leah, the cutting edge LA dancers, inspire girls all over the world to express their own style and dance movements.