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00:00:02,000 Hello! My name is Pedro. 00:00:02,000 My friends call me Busy P. 00:00:05,480 I'm from Paris and I run a small label 00:00:05,480 called Ed Banger Records, 00:00:09,880 and I'm enjoying life. 00:00:11,640 We are here today in cold London. 00:00:15,520 Why the name Busy P? 00:00:17,120 Why I'm Busy? 00:00:18,400 You can't see it now, 00:00:18,400 but I often have two phones in my hands. 00:00:22,800 It's not sexy at all. 00:00:25,400 People in my office call me Busy P 00:00:25,400 'cause we're in the same office, 00:00:28,960 but they have to set up a meeting 00:00:28,960 to speak to me. 00:00:32,280 So, this is a shitty life! 00:00:34,360 What age were you when you first 00:00:34,360 discovered your passion for music? 00:00:38,360 I think I got a slap in the face 00:00:38,360 from electro music 00:00:43,400 back in '89, 00:00:45,120 so I was 14 years old. 00:00:46,640 And I think 14 is the age 00:00:49,960 when you enter your creative life. 00:00:53,680 Before that, your parents 00:00:53,680 or your older brother 00:00:56,560 makes you listen to 00:00:56,560 this and that. 00:00:58,200 My brother made me listen to 00:00:58,200 Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Cure, 00:01:02,320 which was pretty cool. 00:01:03,680 But I think at 14, I started to- 00:01:03,680 I don't know if the word is good- 00:01:08,520 embrace my own choices, 00:01:11,200 and I listened to a New York band 00:01:11,200 called Deee-lite, 00:01:14,720 which I'm sure you all know about. 00:01:16,760 I was in love with <i>Groove Is in the Heart,</i> 00:01:16,760 which was their big hit. 00:01:20,480 But the track that really killed me 00:01:23,360 was <i>What Is Love?</i> from Deee-lite. 00:01:25,640 And if you listen to it, 00:01:28,080 you'll understand why I fell in love 00:01:28,080 with Deee-lite and electro music 00:01:31,800 and repetitive music. 00:01:34,400 And it's been... wow! 00:01:37,360 It's been a long time! 00:01:38,800 What do you love about music? 00:01:40,400 I think music is like life. 00:01:42,280 It's full of emotion and feeling, 00:01:44,880 and you can listen to music to be happy. 00:01:47,560 You can listen to music to support you 00:01:47,560 when you're down. 00:01:52,480 You know me, I'm a happy boy, 00:01:52,480 but I love sad songs. 00:01:57,480 I love depressing music. 00:01:57,480 I'm a big fan of Nick Drake. 00:02:02,640 So, music is life. 00:02:04,840 What keeps you going? 00:02:06,240 Running my label makes me happy. 00:02:09,280 I often say that. 00:02:10,720 I feel pretty lucky 00:02:10,720 to go to bed with a smile 00:02:14,480 and wake up excited and happy 00:02:14,480 to run to my office. 00:02:18,560 How did you get started in music? 00:02:20,560 I started my music career, 00:02:20,560 I like to say, back in '92. 00:02:26,000 Not professionally, 00:02:27,280 because at the time I was just dancing 00:02:27,280 at raves and nightclubs in Paris. 00:02:31,640 I think it was part 00:02:31,640 of the electro movement, 00:02:34,160 being on the dance floor. 00:02:35,680 And slowly, I wanted to be with the DJ, 00:02:39,480 then I wanted to do 00:02:39,480 the music the DJ played. 00:02:41,840 I wanted to do the parties 00:02:41,840 where the DJs played 00:02:44,720 and on and on and on. 00:02:46,000 I started my label. 00:02:48,360 I also had a chance to meet two robots, 00:02:48,360 the Daft Punk boys, 00:02:52,000 who I spent 12 years of my life with. 00:02:54,400 We were 20 years old 00:02:54,400 when we started that big adventure. 00:02:58,600 So I learned my job 00:03:01,360 by practicing it in real life, 00:03:01,360 in real time. 00:03:04,200 So it's been a while now. 00:03:07,440 I'm still excited 00:03:09,120 by what's happening in our music world 00:03:12,760 rather than our music business. 00:03:14,720 How are music and style related? 00:03:17,120 Music and style are completely... 00:03:19,960 I don't know if it's like 00:03:19,960 a little sister and an older brother. 00:03:23,840 It's the freedom of creativity, 00:03:27,560 the ""no limits"" of creativity. 00:03:29,800 You have it in music and in fashion. 00:03:32,080 I think that's why it's linked 00:03:32,080 so naturally and so easily. 00:03:36,080 And this is why I feel comfortable 00:03:36,080 working with brands, 00:03:40,600 doing music for fashions shows, 00:03:40,600 attending them. 00:03:43,320 I like to go to fashion shows as... 00:03:47,320 an entertainment place. 00:03:48,600 I like to go to Jeremy Scott's shows 00:03:50,800 because for me, 00:03:50,800 it's like going to a show, 00:03:55,120 not a fashion show. 00:03:57,160 So the links are very natural. 00:03:59,440 I'm sure you can ask any designer. 00:04:02,720 No one can design dresses or clothes 00:04:05,160 without listening to some music 00:04:05,160 or being inspired by music. 00:04:09,080 Do you know Jeremy Scott? 00:04:10,680 Yeah, I've known Jeremy 00:04:10,680 for a long time because... 00:04:15,520 You should ask him. 00:04:17,520 He arrived in Paris from Texas in '95, 00:04:21,280 before it all went crazy for him 00:04:21,280 in New York or Beverly Hills. 00:04:25,840 He stopped in Paris. 00:04:27,400 At the time, I was throwing parties 00:04:27,400 in the red-light district in Paris 00:04:31,120 called Pigalle. 00:04:32,400 Beautiful place. 00:04:33,760 We had some parties together, 00:04:33,760 and we became friends. 00:04:36,880 And since then, we've stayed in touch. 00:04:39,000 I DJ most of his parties all over. 00:04:43,120 And I'm happy for the success he's had 00:04:45,840 and I'm proud of him. 00:04:48,600 What kind of music 00:04:48,600 do you hate the most? 00:04:51,200 Definitely not. 00:04:51,200 I'm not a hater. No way! 00:04:54,480 I think it's stupid. No, no. 00:04:57,240 I'm the opposite of your question. 00:05:01,360 I feel blessed and so happy, 00:05:03,640 and I thank my parents for that, 00:05:03,640 for having open ears. 00:05:07,240 I'm happy and I get emotional 00:05:09,600 listening to techno from Jeff Mills, 00:05:12,520 to Nirvana, to the Beastie Boys, 00:05:12,520 to Run-D.M.C., 00:05:16,000 to Anthrax or Fleet Foxes, 00:05:19,200 Nick Drake, I told you, 00:05:19,200 or Morrissey or whatever. 00:05:22,720 Kanye West. 00:05:23,880 I feel really lucky... 00:05:27,040 to, again, feel those emotions 00:05:27,040 from different artists. 00:05:31,760 Luckily, this is what we've been doing 00:05:31,760 with Ed Banger, 00:05:34,800 trying to spread 00:05:34,800 a large range of music to the kids, 00:05:38,600 trying to tell them it's not good 00:05:38,600 to stick to one genre. 00:05:42,960 We are living in 00:05:42,960 a pretty good time in our life. 00:05:46,240 I think 2010 is the best time in our life. 00:05:49,280 What was your highest moment 00:05:49,280 in your musical career? 00:05:51,880 The highest point of my music career? 00:05:54,240 I hope it's yet to come. 00:05:55,840 Every year, to be honest with you, 00:05:59,040 for the last three or four years... 00:06:02,520 I look at what we've done 00:06:02,520 and I'm like: 00:06:05,440 ""Wow, it was the best year of our lives!"" 00:06:08,040 I said that in 2005, 2006 and on and on. 00:06:11,360 And I touch wood. 00:06:14,280 I want it to happen again. 00:06:16,240 But I don't know. 00:06:18,120 And I think the day 00:06:18,120 I accomplish something, 00:06:20,880 I will be old and boring. 00:06:22,520 So let's wait. 00:06:25,520 I'm happy to... 00:06:27,600 What's the word in English? To play. 00:06:29,920 Maybe I should say 00:06:29,920 the best day of my life was yesterday. 00:06:33,120 But I'm happy to say: 00:06:33,120 ""Let's try. Maybe tomorrow will be better. 00:06:36,760 ""Maybe I'll win, maybe I'll lose."" 00:06:38,640 This is why life is exciting. 00:06:40,960 What was your lowest moment 00:06:40,960 in your musical career? 00:06:44,160 The lowest point? 00:06:46,360 If I had one, I probably forgot it! 00:06:49,880 If you weren't in music, 00:06:49,880 what would you be doing? 00:06:53,080 If I wasn't doing music? 00:06:57,240 I don't know. I have no idea. 00:07:00,280 Maybe I'd be Jeremy Scott. 00:07:02,400 Are you a sports fan? 00:07:03,960 Yeah, I spent 10 years on a skateboard. 00:07:07,160 But is skateboarding a sport 00:07:07,160 or a lifestyle? 00:07:10,320 I prefer to look at it as a lifestyle 00:07:10,320 rather than a sport. 00:07:17,280 But yeah, I was born in '75. 00:07:20,520 I'm a kid from the '80s. 00:07:22,560 All the kids from the '80s, 00:07:22,560 we're from video games and sports. 00:07:26,400 This is our life.
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