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01:00:04,920 When did you start 01:00:04,920 playing football? 01:00:07,960 I was 4 or 5 when I joined my first team. 01:00:12,640 Before that, I'd play with 01:00:12,640 my family and friends. 01:00:15,760 So yeah, I was really young 01:00:15,760 when I started. 01:00:18,520 So you knew very early on 01:00:18,520 that football was your passion? 01:00:21,520 Yes. 01:00:23,000 According to my mom and dad, 01:00:23,000 I was 2 and kicking a ball around, 01:00:28,040 and by 4 I was already 01:00:28,040 playing on a team. 01:00:32,400 It’s something I’ve always liked 01:00:32,400 and always done. 01:00:35,000 What would you say is the most exciting 01:00:35,000 moment in your career thus far? 01:00:39,000 I’ve been blessed to have experienced 01:00:39,000 some wonderful things 01:00:43,520 in my career. 01:00:45,040 But I guess I’d have to go with... 01:00:49,840 the day of my debut. 01:00:52,040 There were a lot of sacrifices, 01:00:54,040 everything I had to leave behind 01:00:57,160 to get to that point, 01:01:00,000 but it was well worth it. 01:01:02,480 What about something 01:01:02,480 that didn’t go so well? A big loss? 01:01:05,480 The big loss against Inter, 01:01:08,480 which knocked us 01:01:08,480 out of the semi-finals, 01:01:13,640 the loss against Germany 01:01:13,640 in the World Cup, 01:01:18,720 the injuries. 01:01:21,120 Those are the toughest moments 01:01:21,120 in football. 01:01:24,200 What do you do when 01:01:24,200 you’re not playing football? 01:01:27,000 I spend time with my family, my friends, 01:01:29,840 just like everybody else. 01:01:34,560 Do you feel like a musician before 01:01:34,560 he takes to the stage for a big show? 01:01:37,760 I couldn’t tell you what 01:01:37,760 goes through a musician’s head. 01:01:41,440 But before a game, I’m relaxed, 01:01:46,080 excited to get out there and have 01:01:46,080 a good time doing what I love. 01:01:50,680 I know that I have responsibilities, 01:01:50,680 but I just try to enjoy the game. 01:01:55,640 Besides football, 01:01:55,640 would you say that you're 01:01:57,360 passionate about other things 01:01:57,360 in life, and if so, what are they? 01:02:00,040 Nothing really comes to mind, 01:02:00,040 nothing crazy. 01:02:05,200 I like to stay home. 01:02:05,200 I don’t go out much. 01:02:09,560 I like to spend time with 01:02:09,560 my family, my people, 01:02:14,840 and I enjoy Argentina 01:02:14,840 when I’m there. 01:02:17,000 Nothing too crazy. 01:02:21,840 What do you think you need today 01:02:21,840 to be the best player? 01:02:23,960 Because you’re the best! 01:02:23,960 Do you need a lot of discipline? 01:02:26,240 I think any time 01:02:26,240 you do something you love, 01:02:31,880 there’s sacrifice, 01:02:35,200 the responsibility to get things done, 01:02:39,000 and you have to be serious enough 01:02:39,000 to do the job you love. 01:02:43,680 What motivates you on a daily basis? 01:02:46,320 To keep growing, 01:02:48,400 to keep winning 01:02:51,160 as a team and a national team. 01:02:56,280 I’ve been blessed to have won things 01:02:56,280 on an individual level, too. 01:03:00,000 I’d like to win everything, 01:03:00,000 then go back and do it again. 01:03:04,240 Are you happy with the 01:03:04,240 career decision you made 01:03:06,240 to go to Barcelona at 01:03:06,240 that point in your life? 01:03:08,240 Yeah, I don’t regret it. 01:03:12,440 It was tough because my family and I 01:03:17,040 had to leave behind a lot of things, 01:03:19,120 like our house, 01:03:19,120 our friends in Rosario. 01:03:25,040 But the decision was mine. 01:03:28,000 I did what I had to 01:03:31,640 to get to Barcelona. 01:03:34,800 What do you think about 01:03:34,800 the different rivalries in football? 01:03:37,600 I think that rivalry is necessary 01:03:37,600 on the field. 01:03:43,600 I think it’s a good thing. 01:03:47,640 It’s motivating when 01:03:47,640 you’re playing against your rival. 01:03:51,840 I enjoy it. 01:03:55,760 What are your thoughts on 01:03:55,760 this new adidas campaign? 01:03:57,600 Which is not just about football, 01:03:57,600 but also about passion. 01:03:59,760 I’m happy to be a part 01:03:59,760 of this adidas campaign. 01:04:05,240 It has a nice message. 01:04:10,400 I'm happy to be a part of it. 01:04:12,640 Can you say a few words 01:04:12,640 about your future plans? 01:04:14,720 As of March 2011, 01:04:14,720 do you have any set plans? 01:04:16,640 I like to live in the present. 01:04:20,800 What’s the football equivalent 01:04:22,160 of being able to 01:04:22,160 play numerous instruments? 01:04:24,200 Well, the same way he improvises, 01:04:24,200 we improvise on the field. 01:04:28,600 Sometimes we have to adapt our game 01:04:34,080 and that requires improvising. 01:04:39,840 He’d like to know what you 01:04:39,840 enjoy the most about your job. 01:04:42,840 When things are going well, 01:04:45,680 when people are enjoying themselves, 01:04:49,200 when we do well on the field 01:04:54,120 and enjoy what we’re doing. 01:04:57,880 So, do you have to train 01:04:57,880 to be as fast as you are or not? 01:05:00,480 You can always improve. 01:05:02,440 I think speed can be improved, 01:05:07,400 but you’re born this way, too, 01:05:07,400 fast or not fast. 01:05:11,120 What’s the best feature 01:05:11,120 of this football boot? 01:05:15,360 What we’ve been talking about, 01:05:15,360 how light it is. 01:05:23,480 Plus, I like the colour. 01:05:27,760 What role did you play in 01:05:27,760 the development of this football boot? 01:05:31,840 Quite a big one, I think. 01:05:33,680 I was always in the loop 01:05:38,000 about how things were going, 01:05:40,800 and I would take part 01:05:42,080 and give my opinion 01:05:42,080 on how I wanted it to be.
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