• 30-JUN-2010

adidas 46664 World Cup Auction

adidas proudly launches the adidas 46664 auction; an exclusive opportunity for football fans all over the world to own a piece of limited edition FIFA World Cup history and contribute to Nelson Mandela's legacy in South Africa. adidas will host an auction where fans can bid to own a number of unique lots, highlights include a poignant painting highlighting the iconic moment before South Africa kicked off the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament, when the team gathered together in a huddle around midfielder Steven Pienaar to create an intense moment as they prepared themselves for the biggest game in the history of African football and an inspirational painting featuring Atlético Madrid's prolific goal scorer, Diego Forlán, who grabbed two goals for Uruguay and sent the host nation to defeat on day six of the tournament. His first was a rocket from outside the box before calmly stepping forward to drive home a penalty that sealed his side's success. Plus an emotive painting of Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain who scored the first hat-trick of the 2010 FIFA World Cup with two headers and a tap-in in between, helping Argentina to a resounding 4-1 win and a distinctive painting featuring David Villa who put Spain's 2010 FIFA World Cup mission back on track with a sensational double blast against Honduras. All unique pieces of art have been created by the adidas 2010 FIFA World Cup artist team, Paul Junior Kasemwana and Espoir Kennedy. The two brilliant, up and coming African artists are permanently based at Jo'bulani Central, adidas' PR headquarters during the tournament and are creating daily paintings which capture those moments on the pitch that make history – a wonder goal, a penalty shoot out, pure elation, the pain of defeat, individual brilliance or team effort – these incredible moments form the adidas Live Quest. The auction also includes Steven Pienaar's signed group stage shirts, 32 individual player portraits, The Quest featuring 32 players from the 32 federations playing at the FIFA World Cup in one painting, the Live Quest paintings and also the actual adidas Jo'bulani FIFA World Cup Official Final Match Ball.Each Live Quest painting is 270cm wide by 210cm high. These paintings, alongside 32 individual player portraits and the other limited edition adidas FIFA World Cup lots, will be auctioned via www.ebay.co.uk/adidas46664auction throughout the tournament culminating on Monday the 12th July with the adidas Jo'bulani FIFA World Cup Official Final Match Ball. All proceeds go to the Nelson Mandela 46664 Foundation.


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