• 20-APR-2015

adidas football gamedayplus: episode 12

In this week's Gamedayplus Roman Kemp talks to Alvaro Morata and Fernando Llorente in Turin ahead of their second leg quarter final match in the Champions League, before heading over to Germany to meet James Rodríguez at adidas HQ.

Morata and Llorente run through a set of finishing drills, offering hints and tips on how to keep your cool in front of goal and ensure you always hit the target. In this week's exclusive competition viewers can win a UEFA Champions League Finale 15 ball signed Morata.

We take a trip to adidas headquarters to talk to James Rodríguez as he signs a new contract with the brand. He speaks about his relationship with adidas, his upcoming opposition in the UEFA Champions League and Real Madrid's hopes for winning the tournament.

The SkillTwins are in Paris to show us 'The Mona Lisa', a genuine piece of football art and a tribute to the city. We also talk to product managers Martin Love and Marco Mueller about Primeknit 2.0 and the combination of technologies that came together to create this hybrid boot.