miCoach Speed_Cell

speed Cell 13
miCoach SPEED_CELL can be clipped to your laces or placed in the mid-sole cavity of compatible adidas shoes and tracks 3600 speed and distance performance data.

For competitive play / running: on board memory stores recorded data for post-game wireless upload to the miCoach MultiSport app.

For training: SPEED_CELL can be paired with the miCoach Train & Run app to enable indoor speed and distance as well as stride rate information.


Power: Replaceable CR2032 lithium battery
Battery Life: ~5 months (5 x 1h workouts per week)
Data Memory: up to 7 hours of game data
Weight In-Shoe: <9g (incl. battery)
Size In-Shoes: 35.0mm L x 24.8mm W x 8.1mm H
Size with Lace Clip: 44.8mm L x 29.2mm W x 13.5mm H
RF Protocol: Bluetooth® Smart (Low Energy - BTLE), 2.4GHz
Effective Range: ~2.5m in lace position (dependent on receiver)
Calibrated Accuracy: Walk 97%, Jog 98%, Run 97%

For more information visit http://micoach.com/speed_cell

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