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00:00:02,000 "My name is Bobby Ray, 00:00:02,000 the artist known as B.o.B. 00:00:05,760 I am from Atlanta, Georgia, 00:00:07,640 and basically, I make good vibrations 00:00:07,640 for the masses across the globe. 00:00:12,800 What age were you when you first 00:00:12,800 discovered your passion for music? 00:00:15,800 My passion in music is something that... 00:00:19,440 You're right. 00:00:19,440 I had to discover it. 00:00:21,680 It was there since I was born, 00:00:24,720 but I would say, 00:00:24,720 about 13 was when I decided... 00:00:29,760 to make it a career 00:00:29,760 and to make it my life's profession, 00:00:34,560 to do it professionally, 00:00:36,520 like a gentleman. 00:00:38,480 What did you sound like at first? 00:00:40,080 When I started trying to 00:00:40,080 pursue music professionally, 00:00:45,760 I was about 13, 00:00:47,000 and my style, 00:00:49,200 it really sounded a lot like 00:00:49,200 what I was listening to at the time, 00:00:54,480 which was Eminem and DMX... 00:00:59,640 a lot of Nas. 00:01:01,160 Around that time, 00:01:01,160 crunk music was really popular in Atlanta. 00:01:05,280 Lil Jon, Trillville, Lil Scrappy... 00:01:09,160 Bone Crusher, T.I. 00:01:10,560 There were a lot of people coming up 00:01:10,560 around that time. 00:01:14,280 So my style is really moulded 00:01:14,280 from hip-hop, 00:01:18,720 more so in the South and Midwest, 00:01:18,720 West Coast. 00:01:21,160 Really, everything. 00:01:22,560 What keeps you going? 00:01:23,960 The thing that keeps me going 00:01:23,960 is the love and the hate. 00:01:28,160 Why did you choose music 00:01:28,160 over anything else? 00:01:30,360 I chose music because... 00:01:34,280 I played sports. 00:01:34,280 I played football. 00:01:37,120 When I started getting taller, 00:01:37,120 I lost some of my speed. 00:01:40,440 Some of my super-galactic speed 00:01:40,440 kind of left me. 00:01:43,920 But I was like: 00:01:43,920 It's cool. I'll just do music. 00:01:47,440 But I kind of just got pulled into it. 00:01:50,600 There was nothing else that I was willing 00:01:50,600 to sacrifice that much for. 00:01:55,480 I would basically sacrifice 00:01:55,480 my whole life for music, 00:01:59,160 just to get to the point I'm at now. 00:02:02,200 What are your inspirations? 00:02:03,800 A lot of things inspired me 00:02:03,800 in terms of... 00:02:08,800 just the pure element of inspiration. 00:02:11,520 It comes from everywhere. 00:02:11,520 It comes from actors. 00:02:14,400 It comes from movies. 00:02:17,840 Movies like <i>Inception</i> inspire me. 00:02:21,440 Movies like <i>The Matrix...</i> 00:02:24,200 the whole trilogy. 00:02:27,600 The inspiration comes 00:02:27,600 from everywhere, all places: 00:02:30,480 paintings, album covers. 00:02:32,840 People's album covers inspire me. 00:02:34,920 So really, it comes from 00:02:34,920 all aspects of it. 00:02:39,200 What is it like to have 00:02:39,200 a number-one record? 00:02:41,200 When you have a number-one record, 00:02:41,200 you don't sleep a lot. 00:02:47,200 You travel a lot 00:02:48,600 and you have a lot of stamps 00:02:48,600 in your passport. 00:02:51,080 How many passports do you have? 00:02:53,080 Only one. 00:02:53,080 Still on the first one. 00:02:56,160 That’s 'cause you can add 00:02:56,160 more pages to it. 00:02:59,480 What was your highest 00:02:59,480 moment in your musical career? 00:03:01,680 The highest point of my music career 00:03:04,840 would have to be, thus far, 00:03:04,840 releasing my first album. 00:03:09,560 I'd been waiting to release that 00:03:09,560 for 21 years. 00:03:14,120 And it finally came out 00:03:17,520 21 years after I was born. 00:03:19,560 And for me... 00:03:22,120 finally getting over that first step, 00:03:24,800 finally getting over that first obstacle, 00:03:28,200 breaking in, 00:03:30,000 really saying ""OK, you can go 00:03:30,000 buy my album in stores,"" 00:03:34,040 that’s something that is... 00:03:35,560 You hear it all the time: 00:03:35,560 ""Go buy it in stores now."" 00:03:39,040 But that shit was one of 00:03:39,040 the biggest obstacles for me. 00:03:44,080 What was your lowest 00:03:44,080 moment in music? 00:03:46,280 The lowest point for me 00:03:46,280 was probably getting booed 00:03:48,960 at my high-school talent show at 17. 00:03:51,560 Sixteen. I don’t know. 00:03:53,080 It was the lowest point for me, 00:03:56,040 but it was the best moment 00:03:59,400 because that’s what gave me 00:03:59,400 the fire I needed to get back up. 00:04:04,720 If you weren’t writing lyrics and music, 00:04:04,720 what would you be doing? 00:04:07,720 If I wasn’t doing music, 00:04:07,720 I'd be a chef. 00:04:11,960 And you were a chef at the Mega Diner. 00:04:14,840 Yes, I was a chef. 00:04:16,840 Thank you, Adidas, 00:04:16,840 for making my dreams come true. 00:04:20,480 What does hip-hop in Atlanta have 00:04:20,480 that other cities don’t? 00:04:23,480 Hip-hop in Atlanta has a lot of diversity. 00:04:26,560 It has a lot of elements 00:04:26,560 that aren’t hip-hop 00:04:29,400 combined into the hip-hop 00:04:31,080 that make it very pop and fresh. 00:04:34,000 And... 00:04:36,240 Atlanta has a sound the way it does 00:04:39,440 because a lot of people 00:04:39,440 from different countries 00:04:42,320 come to Atlanta to live, 00:04:43,880 so it's a melting pot. 00:04:45,400 It's really rich in cultural diversity. 00:04:48,880 How do they say ""Goodbye"" in Atlanta? 00:04:51,080 In Atlanta, you say: 00:04:51,080 ""Aight, then. 00:04:54,080 ""Aight then, I'm going. Peace. 00:04:56,280 ""Aight, man, I'll catch you later. 00:04:56,280 Holler at you in a minute."" 00:04:59,560 How do you say ""What's up?"" 00:05:01,600 ""What's happening? 00:05:01,600 What's going on? 00:05:05,000 ""What's up?"" 00:05:05,000 You know, simply put. 00:05:07,720 Or you could just say: ""Hey."" 00:05:12,160 Describe your (music) style 00:05:12,160 in three words or less. 00:05:14,560 My music style in three words or less... 00:05:17,600 From outer space. 00:05:19,560 Do you have any pre-concert 00:05:19,560 rituals or superstitions? 00:05:22,560 Before we go onstage, we usually 00:05:22,560 get in a huddle and say our prayer. 00:05:26,600 If anybody's not there, 00:05:26,600 we say it for him. 00:05:29,160 We just like to joke around a little bit. 00:05:32,160 We start war calling 00:05:32,160 before we go onstage. 00:05:35,920 Sometimes people from the crowd 00:05:35,920 can hear us, 00:05:38,320 and they'll chant back 00:05:38,320 while we're backstage screaming. 00:05:41,800 What kind of music do you love? 00:05:43,800 I love alternative-rock music. 00:05:46,520 I think right now 00:05:46,520 that’s the phase that I'm in 00:05:50,760 which I just can't get out of. 00:05:54,000 What kind of music do you hate? 00:05:56,000 I don't really hate any type of music 00:05:59,080 because I don’t feel that hate 00:05:59,080 can manifest in music. 00:06:03,640 Do you know Derrick Rose? 00:06:05,640 I do know who Derrick Rose is. 00:06:05,640 He's number 5 for the Chicago Bulls. 00:06:11,200 I partly know that 00:06:11,200 because my favourite number is 5. 00:06:14,880 How are you connected to basketball? 00:06:17,680 I am connected to basketball. 00:06:17,680 I played it in middle school... 00:06:23,200 for the Henderson Cougars. 00:06:25,680 What in music is the same 00:06:25,680 as driving into the paint? 00:06:28,480 Making music and basketball 00:06:28,480 are parallel in this sense: 00:06:34,600 Freestyling in rap 00:06:37,600 is like street ball in basketball. 00:06:41,880 Making albums and music 00:06:41,880 and performing on television 00:06:45,160 is like a professional NBA game. 00:06:49,800 And winning the championship 00:06:49,800 is like going Platinum... 00:06:55,520 across the world, everywhere."
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