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01:00:02,000 Hi, I'm Jeremy Scott. 01:00:02,000 I'm a fashion designer. 01:00:04,800 What do you love about fashion? 01:00:06,800 What do I love about fashion? 01:00:06,800 I love creating a persona. 01:00:11,320 I love creating characters 01:00:11,320 and being different people 01:00:14,360 and the way that fashion 01:00:14,360 can be a part of your mood 01:00:18,040 and you can envelop 01:00:18,040 something new all the time. 01:00:21,520 Why did you choose 01:00:21,520 fashion over anything else? 01:00:25,680 Maybe fashion chose me. 01:00:25,680 I'm not really sure. 01:00:28,720 I've always loved clothes. 01:00:30,160 I've always loved getting dressed 01:00:30,160 and playing dress up 01:00:33,720 and creating looks and styles. 01:00:36,200 I did that for my friends 01:00:36,200 when I was growing up. 01:00:39,000 So it was a natural evolution 01:00:39,000 for me to make it a job. 01:00:44,040 I always thought of it as a fun thing, 01:00:44,040 something that was so natural. 01:00:48,680 It didn't seem fair 01:00:48,680 for it to be a job. 01:00:50,760 Then I realized there were 01:00:50,760 people called fashion designers 01:00:53,840 that actually make 01:00:53,840 the clothes that we love. 01:00:57,960 What are your inspirations? 01:01:00,640 My inspirations are all over the board. 01:01:00,640 I'm a pop-culture junkie. 01:01:05,240 I love music. I love movies, film. 01:01:08,600 To me, my inspiration comes 01:01:08,600 from the friends around me 01:01:12,280 and the conversations I have. 01:01:13,880 Sometimes it's a joke, 01:01:13,880 sometimes it's a thought, 01:01:16,440 sometimes it's a dream. 01:01:17,920 It's really an amalgamation 01:01:17,920 of all kinds of things. 01:01:21,360 What age were you when you first 01:01:21,360 discovered your passion for fashion? 01:01:27,520 Probably earlier than I realize 01:01:29,320 because everyone always thought 01:01:29,320 that I should do fashion 01:01:32,880 and I just didn't really see that. 01:01:35,920 I just thought of it as something fun, 01:01:35,920 to get dressed up. 01:01:39,960 But when I was 18, 01:01:41,840 I decided to enter this design contest. 01:01:46,120 I realized that I had a fluidity 01:01:46,120 with creating designs, 01:01:49,040 and from that point on, 01:01:49,040 I've been a designer. 01:01:52,320 What is your favorite piece of clothing? 01:01:55,920 My favourite piece of clothing is usually 01:01:55,920 the newest piece that I've made 01:01:59,800 because I'm always excited to 01:01:59,800 wear something new that I haven't had yet. 01:02:04,720 So right now it's 01:02:04,720 my leather jet biker jacket with wings 01:02:08,400 that's coming out for fall. 01:02:10,440 What kind of music do you like? 01:02:13,920 I love all kinds of music. 01:02:13,920 Pop music is one of my favourites. 01:02:17,440 I dress so many pop stars, 01:02:19,760 it's a very natural thing 01:02:19,760 for me to also love that music 01:02:24,240 because it influences what I'm designing 01:02:24,240 and what I'm inspired about. 01:02:29,520 I listen to country music. 01:02:29,520 I love Dolly Parton, as well. 01:02:34,200 I listen to experimental music, 01:02:34,200 underground music, 01:02:38,840 classical music. 01:02:40,120 There are so many things, 01:02:40,120 'cause it's different moods you have. 01:02:43,440 So music is important to me. 01:02:46,160 If you weren't creating clothes, 01:02:46,160 what would you be doing? 01:02:50,600 I do a lot of other things 01:02:50,600 when I'm not designing clothes. 01:02:53,680 I do photography. 01:02:53,680 I've done short films. 01:02:56,880 I've even made some music. 01:03:00,960 I think I'd be creating images 01:03:02,880 because that's been 01:03:02,880 the driving force in my life. 01:03:05,800 I love making and creating images 01:03:05,800 and hopefully inspiring other people. 01:03:10,280 What was your proudest 01:03:10,280 moment in fashion? 01:03:12,880 My proudest moment in fashion... 01:03:16,400 Recently, my proudest moment 01:03:16,400 has been the fact that 01:03:19,200 my nephew wants to be a fashion designer 01:03:19,200 because of me, 01:03:22,200 and that makes me extremely proud.
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