Jessica Ennis, UK / 2010 World Indoor Championships Gold (Pentathlon)



Soundbites (ENG)
Q. Do you think preparation is important? We have a winter period of training which is normally October through till the beginning of January and that's the most important part of training, that's all the pre-season stuff where you, you know really lay your foundation for the outdoor season, so I think it's really important you have to do the training, you have to put the work in otherwise you won't do well at the time that you want to. Q. What is the hardest drill you have to do in training? The hardest session my coach sets me is probably an 800 metre related session, so its normally quite a lot of running, really short recoveries, and obviously you get a lot of lactic acid in your muscles and very tiring, so there the ones that are the difficult sessions in the week.
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