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SHOT LIST Kaká holding boot Frank Lampard kicking the Ball SOUNDBYTES INTERVIEW: Kaká, Real Madrid & Brazil (Portuguese Language) Portuguese English As chuteiras cada vez mais estão sendo evoluidas, neh. The football boots are evolving all the time. O modelo que tenho usado agora, a .AdiPURE, é um modelo novo, realmente muito bom, com um couro muito macio. The model I wear now, the AdiPURE, is a new one and is really good, built with very soft leather. Acho que o importante de uma chuteira é você não sentir ela, que a chuteira não incomoda. To me the most important thing about the boots is that you shouldn't feel you are wearing them. They shouldn't bother you. Porque não é uma coisa muito fácil de acontecer porque tem travas, a chuteira muitas vezes é apertada, mas nesse caso realmente tem sido tão confortável que não sinto as chuteiras nos meus pés... It's easy for this to happen with the studs and the boots being tight, but these boots are so comfortable I don't feel I am wearing them… ... e isso é que faz essa chuteira ser tão diferente das outras. This is what makes it stand out in relation to the others. O que eu espero de uma chuteira é que ela seja confortável e que ela seja boa quando estou jogando. What I expect from my boots is comfort and good performance when I am playing. Então esse é o sentimento que tenho quando estou usando uma chuteira porque ela não pode me incomodar de alguma forma. That's what matters to me as I don't want to be troubled by the boots. Quando eu vou pro campo, a chuteira tem que estar confortável e não pode me incomodar. The boots must feel comfortable when I head to the pitch. Eu não tenho... hoje na chuteira tenho a bandeira do Brasil, tenho uma coisa que para mim significa muito que é Jesus em primeiro lugar e tenho o nome do meu filho. On my boots I have the Brazilian flag, the writing saying "Jesus First", which is something very important to me, and my son's name. Esses são os detalhes que hoje tenho na minha chuteira. This is what I carry on my boots today. São coisas que a gente vai colocando aos poucos para personalizar as chuteiras e cada um tem a sua idéia daquilo que faz bem. They are things you add to them slowly to personalise the boots and each player has his own ideas about what works for them. INTERVIEW: Frank Lampard, Chelsea & England (English) Why do you like your AdiPURE boot and why do you choose that particular one? I love the AdiPURE boots actually I've been wearing them since they launched them a couple of years ago now and I think it is for sure the most comfortable boot I've ever worn, I think I liked when I first saw it was the way it kind of the retro look it kind of reminded me of a World Cup which I always wore when I was growing up World Cup and Copa Mundial but obviously brought along to the future it's a very simple boot, very light and I just love the design of it and hopefully I'll be wearing AdiPUREs all the way through my career. Am I right in thinking you worked in the boot room at West Ham? I did, in our day at West Ham we all had boots to clean so we was designated 3 players so I was cleaning the pro's boots and scrubbing the mud off them and everything so that's why I'm obviously so knowledgeable about boots because I had them at very close hand for a few years. INTERVIEW: Terry Ellis, Senior Kit Manager Chelsea Football Club (English Language) I'm Terry Ellis Senior Kit Manager for Chelsea Football Club, this is the Chelsea boot room welcome to my world. Tell me how the boot room operates... OK so we're in the Chelsea boot room for the First Team players and Reserve Team players and what we tend to do is we have 2 pegs around the place for each player and we have a training peg which consists of 4 pegs if you like so you can have 4 pairs of training boots, 4 pairs of match boots and 4 of that for each player and again we keep it for every player and then obviously we know to keep the match and training ones separately so they can, they obviously, well it's easier for packing and when we go away and for The Bridge. What have you got in your hand there? Oh right, this is the brand new AdiPURE and obviously one of our highest players is of course Frank Lampard and he wears this style of boot and what we do with Frankie's boots is usually once he comes in from training or match we literally towel them off straight away with a basic towel but with warm water, we towel them and make sure all the mud, all the grass comes off and then we literally just a fine coating of a paste, a see-through sort of paste like a dubbin that goes over it just to protect it a little bit and with a fine brush, again nothing too firm because we find it takes the leather off because it's such a fine and soft and nice leather we find the soft brush works better and gets in and it's just like a coating across the leather so that it's not ripped or torn. Tell me what does Frank say to you? Again it depends on, Frank is for me the ideal way of how players should wear boots again it's a couple of two or three games tends to be unless he goes on a scoring run and then he will change his studs because he finds for whatever reason his being a high class athlete he wants to have the peak performance so he would obviously just say "Tel I need a new pair" or he might go "Keep me in them ones they're doing the job." So things like that, again what we tend to do I don't know if you can see this but for Frank we actually mark up the bottom of his boots so he knows what he's played in them and obviously if he's scored or not scored he can obviously look and go "yeah I played well in that I'll wear that again" or he might go "I had a shocker there I'll try a new pair" so it depends on Frank and what he wants for that particular game. How long generally do players keep their boots and why? OK, it tends to be different on people Michael Ballack would use his boot until they're falling apart it's just the way he is it's what he prefers which again everyone has their own unique way. Frank Lampard again is 2 or 3 games maximum unless he's on a unique scoring run and then he maintain it but he tends to change them just because he feels that they lose that little bit of shape or might stretch a little bit from where he's obviously been twisting and turning the movement of the game so he likes to change more regularly because he feels that suits him best. Either way it's fine just depending on the obviously the person and the way they want to perform and feel they are performing so some of it's psychological, some of it's actual not problems but issues with their feet. And that boot's changed a bit from the old AdiPURE... Yeah definitely, definitely as you see from the back there's a more stable heel which is obviously players prefer that so that they're not going over on their ankles and generally I think it's a lot nicer visually, the sole plate's changed and looks more studs maybe underneath and but generally it's a lovely boot I've got to be honest.
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