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01:00:02,000 "What are you doing here today? 01:00:04,600 We're here to have some fun 01:00:04,600 and to do a reprise role 01:00:08,360 with Jeremy Scott and Adidas, 01:00:10,000 which I did about two years ago 01:00:12,680 at a house party that everyone was at. 01:00:15,400 We were just clowning around. 01:00:18,320 That was really fun. 01:00:19,760 He asked if I wanted to do it again, 01:00:19,760 and of course. 01:00:23,640 I'll always do it again with J. 01:00:25,560 Tell me about the first time 01:00:25,560 you met Jeremy Scott. 01:00:28,200 The first time I met Jeremy 01:00:30,240 was at a pop-up store 01:00:30,240 for <i>Paper</i> magazine. 01:00:34,400 There were all these different vendors, 01:00:34,400 and he had a booth. 01:00:38,360 I went over and introduced myself. 01:00:41,640 I was a bit nervous 01:00:41,640 'cause he's, like, the cool kid. 01:00:45,520 This was before anything happened. 01:00:45,520 But I really loved his style. 01:00:49,840 I'd been jocking his name 01:00:49,840 for a long time. 01:00:53,800 People always ask me 01:00:53,800 who my favourite designers are, 01:00:56,920 and Jeremy is always in that group, 01:00:56,920 even to this day. 01:01:00,440 Tell me about your song <i>E.T.</i> 01:01:00,440 What does ""E.T."" stand for? 01:01:03,720 It stands for ""Extra Terrestrial."" 01:01:09,040 It's a song about falling in love 01:01:10,880 with someone who seems like 01:01:10,880 they're from another world 01:01:15,560 or another planet. 01:01:17,920 I guess I was influenced maybe 01:01:17,920 by my foreign affair. 01:01:22,640 And I'm very interested in things 01:01:22,640 that are beyond me in this world. 01:01:27,720 And every time I look into the sky, 01:01:27,720 I think: I'm so small. 01:01:31,760 Maybe that has a little to do 01:01:31,760 with the song. 01:01:34,440 What are you training for? 01:01:34,440 What does that consist of? 01:01:37,080 I'm training for my tour right now, 01:01:39,000 and that involves weights 01:01:39,000 and skipping rope. 01:01:42,960 I'm really good at skipping rope. 01:01:42,960 I feel like I'm Rocky when I do it. 01:01:47,280 It's fun 'cause it's kind of like dancing. 01:01:47,280 It's just consistent. 01:01:51,560 You put on a really good song 01:01:51,560 and you just skip, skip, skip. 01:01:55,400 That’s what I do to get ready. 01:01:57,160 What are your fashion inspirations? 01:02:00,760 I'm inspired by 01:02:00,760 a lot of different things: 01:02:03,320 by pop culture, by different females, 01:02:06,600 by humour. 01:02:08,720 People ask me who my style icons are, 01:02:10,920 and they're a mixture of 01:02:14,280 Bettie Page meets Wonder Woman 01:02:16,320 meets Judy Jetson 01:02:19,320 meets Daphne Guinness 01:02:19,320 meets Agyness Deyn. 01:02:21,600 So it's kind of like 01:02:21,600 a cartoonish, punk rock, 01:02:24,960 cute smorgasbord of things 01:02:28,800 What do you like to wear? 01:02:31,440 I like to wear things 01:02:31,440 that have a sense of humour 01:02:34,040 and that are adorable. 01:02:35,600 I'm such a collector of all things cute. 01:02:38,360 Anything that has a face on it... 01:02:40,680 For instance, what I wore earlier today, 01:02:40,680 a French fry swimsuit? 01:02:44,600 I love that kind of stuff 01:02:46,360 and things that are influenced 01:02:46,360 from Japan 01:02:49,960 and things that have... 01:02:53,600 adorableness to them."
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