Reggie Bush, United States / New Orleans Saints - 2010 Superbowl Winner



Soundbites (ENG)
Q. How important is the coach's advice to you? My coaches advice is really important to me, I was always try to listen with open ears and keep an open mind, and not take on the mentality that I know everything, because I always feel like, you know, you can never know too much and there's always room for improvement and always room for learning. Q. What is the hardest drill you have ever done? My hardest workouts to me were when I was in college, when I was at USC, you know, the workouts that we did were really intense and, you know, we were always competing against each other, and always pushing each other and striving to just, you know, get better and better and those were some of the hardest workouts I ever had. But then they always revolved around the core, the abs, and those are the things that everybody doesn't want to do, those are the things that hurt a lot though so, I would say it revolved around, you know just working out my core muscles. Q. How does miCoach benefit your training? I would say the mi Coach helps me because I can put together a workout schedule right there on my phone, its easy, and its very accessible, and, on the top of that you have it right there in front of you anytime you need it, you know, you can go to it
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