• 27-AUG-2013

adidas Originals FW13 Mutombo OG

adidas Originals is re-releasing the Mutombo shoe on its 20th anniversary.

The Mutombo signature basketball shoe was originally released by adidas during the 1992-93 NBA Season. The design team worked closely with Dikembe Mutombo, retired NBA eight-time All Star, to highlight his defensive style of playing and his African heritage.

Traditional African patterns are used throughout the shoe and the iconic shield logo incorporates his jersey number, used throughout his 18 year NBA career.

Some Q&A´s

How did this partnership first come about during the 1992-93 NBA Season?
It was a time of change for the adidas brand and Dikembe Mutombo stood out as a unique player in the NBA. Only in his 2nd season, Mutombo was already well known for his decorated defensive playing and was the perfect fit for the brand's first true NBA partnership.

What was the design inspiration?
The design pulls inspiration from traditional patterns seen in the DR Congo and draws from Mutombo's heritage. The design places Mutombo front and center utilizing his number and his unique shield logo created by the adidas team. At the time, the aesthetic was modern and bold in both design and color much like Mutombo's ability to stand out on court.

How involved was Mutombo in the design process?
The design for this signature shoe was inspired by Dikembe Mutombo, his heritage and his on court attitude.

What prompted the re-release of this shoe on this anniversary?
The 20th anniversary of this style marks a great time in history for the giants of the sports industry. This together with the resurgence of 90s styles in today's streetwear prompted the re-release of this style.

Is this a 1 to 1 re-make of the original? How is the 90s version different from the 2013 version?
Yes, as much as possible. The re-make was built based on an archived model.