• 22-SEP-2014

adidas snowboarding presents the first of the nomad series:

For our second season, follow the adidas Snowboarding team on the Nomadic Series as they give you an insight into their nomadic life ruled by the snow.

This past January the adidas Snowboarding team went to Japan to wear and test out the 2015 collection in the cold Japanese winter that arguably creates the best powder in the world. While lots of pro snowboarders went to Japan, no one else had a tour guide like Kazu. For a month Kazu showed everyone all of his secret spots that he grew up riding. He brought the crew to the legendary powder in Hokkaido, as well as some untapped street rails in Sapporo.

"I was honored to be able to take the team around and share some of my secret spots." - KAZU KOKUBO

"I love Japan, it's my all time favorite place to warm up my legs for the upcoming season. The people are some of the most genuine and friendly people I've ever met." - ERIC JACKSON