• 10-NOV-2015

adidas unveils Russian national team UEFA EURO 2016™ home kit

adidas unveils Russian national team UEFA EURO 2016™ home kit
adidas presents new Russian national football team home kit that demonstrates loyalty to traditional values. The design of the kits is inspired by the idea of conflicting forces that exist inside everyone. These are elegance or valor, intuition or pragmatism, faithfulness to the past or willingness to go forward. This season adidas will keep the balance between the two forces that together can guarantee victory in the world of sports.

The new home kit pays tribute to Russian traditions and history. The kit is designed in collegiate burgundy color. The jersey features a V-neck collar with traditional three stripes down the shoulder and on the sides. On the left of the jersey there is a Russian crest while the right side features adidas logo made in contrasting golden tone that sends back to Russia's rich architectural legacy. The jersey also includes an eagle-shaped ornament.

The image of an eagle plays a significant role in the design of the kit. It is not only a symbol of Russia's cultural and historical continuity. The eagle represents such crucial for all the Russians values as courage, togetherness and liberty.

The jersey features athletic fit and shortened sleeves contributing to modern look and providing with greater comfort so that players were able to focus on the game.

The home kit features a pre-match t-shirt, created especially for a warm up. Its design correlates with the design of the Authentic jersey. The kit includes white socks with fortified compression and ankle protection.

The new uniform is made of light fabric which provides better ventilation without sacrificing movement and comfort. The jersey weighs 90g that is 10% less than the one in the previous season. The Replica jerseys feature the climacool ventilation technology designed to keep the body cool and dry through holes, breathable materials, fabrics and special stitchings