• 14-JUN-2014

@brazuca Surpasses One Million Twitter Followers

brazuca 1 million
The first ever FIFA World Cup match ball to have a Twitter profile has reached a landmark of one million followers today. As interest in the tournament's Official Match Ball reaches fever pitch, followers have grown by approximately 850,000 since the kick-off of the world's biggest sporting event.

Flattered by its volume of followers, @brazuca said (in less than 140 characters), "I can't believe I've reached a million followers. You guys realize you're following a ball, right…? #ballin"

brazuca is the first FIFA World Cup™ match ball to have a Twitter profile and adidas' first product to have an account on social media. From inception to now, the adidas @brazuca handle has hung out with some of the world's most high profile figures such as: Zinedine Zidane, Hugh Jackman, Samuel L Jackson & even Pope Francis.

adidas launched @brazuca to allow users to gain a "ball's eye" point of view to the FIFA World Cup™. The @brazuca Twitter account enables fans to track the tournament through the eyes of the ball as it travels the world offering an insiders' perspective on the game and popular culture. brazuca has visited nations, met players and celebrities and took part in major cultural events before landing in Brazil for the opening match of the tournament.

Follow @brazuca for ongoing tournament updates, news and insights directly from the official match ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.