• 17-AUG-2015

adidas Ace + X Get Bold New Look with Eskolaite Pack

adidas ACE 5
In 2015, adidas launched a soccer revolution with the launch of ACE and X. Now, ACE and X have been given a unique makeover. As part of the 'Limited Collection' adidas today reveals the 'Eskolaite Pack,' a special chrome transformation of ACE and X, thanks to a unique new coating. Released in limited quantities, Eskolaite is an uncommon Chromium Oxide mineral and has been used for the very first time to give the Eskolaite Pack its striking design that will light up the pitch on any soccer player. The chrome coating, which has green accents, gives the Eskolaite Pack a truly bold new look.

The Eskolaite Pack is available at adidas.com and at specialty retailers. For further information please visit adidas.com/limited_collection or go to facebook.com/adidassoccer or follow @adidassoccer #LIMITEDCOLLECTION on twitter or instagram to join the conversation.