• 13-JUL-2017

adidas live streams yoga from NY and LA

It’s 2:15 in the morning on the rooftop of a 15 story building on Venice Blvd in Los Angeles. An adidas team is spreading out mats and candles, getting ready for a live broadcast celebrating “International Yoga Day.”

Across the country, Yoga instructor Nikki Carter is already streaming a sunrise yoga session on adidas.com and the adidas women’s social channels.

The Los Angeles session, lead by yoga instructors Mary Beth LaRue, and Chelsea Korus, includes more than a hundred adidas consumers, who got up early to join the rooftop broadcast. 

JC, @jlc0226, watched the New York session on her laptop via twitter. “It was an interesting experience” says JC, “ Nikki is a great instructor, I wasn’t able to get outdoors to feel the sun salutation so the environment was different.”

With more that 50 live broadcasts already this year, adidas is embracing the potential that exists with live consumer interaction. 

The length of time spent with live content is dramatically longer than traditional video,” says Chris Murphy, adidas U.S. Newsrooms managing editor, “we’re getting our brand, our products, our athletes and influencers in front of consumers for far longer periods of time.”   

The yoga broadcasts are promoting the new adidas Wanderlust apparel collection. The broadcast page was surrounded by opportunities to purchase, and the yoga instructors not only wore the gear, but also talked about the clothing, while leading their sessions. 

More than 140 thousand people watched portions of the live broadcasts on Twitter alone. On Instagram, Mary Beth LaRue posted “watching the sun come up over LA with you all, will always be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”