• 06-APR-2018

adidas Originals Arkyn Campaign

SS18 ARKYN DA9606 KJ 151
Welcoming the Arkyn, a shoe built for the next generation of rule breakers.

A brand-new shoe, for a brand-new era of creativity.

To be worn however the individual chooses. No rules. No instructions. No hype.

A trainer for creating, working, thinking, inspiring and collaborating in.

We’re calling time on the old school attitude’s that for too long has dominated the female sneaker market. Arkyn is made with creatives in mind, with no pigeon-holing involved in the creative process.

The Arkyn is a shoe for defiant individuals who are tired of being boxed in.

For all the people tired of being told how to look, sound, dress or behave.

It’s time to push back on the clichés, they’re wearing thin.

A new, technical silhouette, rooted in adidas’ iconic vintage style, that looks both to yesterday and tomorrow. Like the best creatives, the shoe is inspired by the archive and the future. Playful, unexpected and chic: the Arkyn defies categories and lends itself to any context. It is open to translation, it’s a canvas for expression, it embraces difference. A shoe to mirror the myriad ways of being a creative in 2018.

The Arkyn shoe features a clean technical mesh upper, decorated with the 3-stripe mark and a mesh tongue. Designed with a sock-like construction for optimum comfort and fit. Striking design elements like a neoprene heel and unorthodox minimalist lacing system raise the aesthetic profile of the shoe, while a BoostTM midsole with rubber outsole offers the very best in adidas technology. The final product is a fearless combination of everything adidas Originals does best – uniting, style, sport, culture and creativity under a single roof.

Eschewing the traditional, rigid idea of a campaign, we handed the power back to 5 female creators, who embody this new-school thinking, to unveil Arkyn. Each have co-created their imagery, with the idea of echoing the Arkyn’s intentions; unbridled creativity in all of its forms- as it comes. The campaign has been created collaboratively with Bronx-based photographer Renell Medrano, known for her inimitable 35mm and digital portraiture that captures youth culture in its most off-guard, authentic iterations. Thuan Tran, A$AP mob’s go-to videographer worked alongside Renell, to capture the women in as real a manner possible.

The 5 Arkyn icons, all come from different walks of life and they have all mastered different disciplines. To celebrate their individuality and authenticity as style and thought leaders, we ditched the studio, and shot them in their real living and working spaces filled with personal belongings and trinkets.

Global Product Release: April 5th, 2018

Introducing the Arkyn Icons for 2018:

Ana Kras: Photographed at her Chinatown home and studio.
Serbian artist Ana Kras is a multifaceted creative phenomenon. Producing works within the world of furniture design, interior architecture, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and fashion, she evokes the true spirit of Arkyn.

Kendall Jenner: Photographed at her Soho apartment.
She might be one of the most famous models in the world but won’t let herself be defined by it. Moving seamlessly between designing, writing, acting, and photographing her friends and family, she is a shining example of an empowered female creator who cannot be boxed in.

Marisa Competello: Photographed Chinatown apartment
What do professional dance and floral design have in common? Marisa Competello, after nearly a decade working as a stylist assistant, she craved change. Being a true Arkyn woman, she founded Meta Flora: her NYC-based floral design studio, making minimalist creations reflecting her interest in movement, line, color and texture.

Syv De Blare: Photographed in her SoHo apartment in New York.
Musician Syv de Blare mixes contrasting genres to create her very own soundscape. Even though her heart lies in music, she is also an avid photographer, proving the essence of Arkyn: that creativity exists within you in more than just one way.

Florencia Galarza: Photographed in her Williamsburg apartment.
Soccer player Florencia Galarza is a woman of many talents, making her perfect for Arkyn. Turning setback into opportunity after an injury in her teens while a USWNT hopeful, she became an in-demand DJ, touring with Kanye West—and is now back playing, most-recently pro for Boca Juniors.


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