• 23-JUL-2015

adidas Originals by Pharrell Williams – Supershell – Artwork Collection

After captivating the world with the ground breaking Supercolor release in April, Pharrell Williams is back for FW15 with Supershell. The Supershell project sees Pharrell hand-pick friends and creatives from around the world to completely reinvent the shoe's Shelltoe for the very first time, evolving the Superstar into a canvas for creation.

Debuting with the Artwork Collection, Supershell brings art and creativity to the Superstar like never before. The Superstar's Shelltoe comes alive with signature graphic artworks and designs from NYC contemporary artist Todd James, American photographer-director Cass Bird and contemporary Japanese artist Mr.. The artists' designs are then joined by six of Pharrell's very own artworks that explore life force and energy and its relationship with color.

With a limited release and exclusive artworks for different regions around the globe, the footwear is offered in black and white colorways, allowing the vibrant artworks to take center stage. Adding an additional layer to the concept: each left and right shoe features a different graphic treatment allowing the collection to be mixed and matched endlessly, forming yet another opportunity for creative expression by the wearer themselves.

*IMPORTANT NOTE TO EDITORS: Please ensure any use of assets including the work of Mr. is accompanied with the following text as a credit: Artwork by Mr. ©Mr./Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


Pharrell Williams introduces Supershell

Pharrell Williams introduces Cass Bird

Pharrell Williams introduces Mr.

Pharrell Williams introduces Zaha Hadid

Pharrell Williams introduces Todd James

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