• 26-AUG-2015

adidas Originals by Rita Ora - FW15 - Space Shifter Pack

H20052 Key Model Rita Ora 02 RGB
For Fall Winter 2015, adidas Originals and long-time collaborator and performer Rita Ora take us out of this world. In Space Shifter, Ora, Queen of the Universe, is inspired by the cosmic influence of the changing shape of the moon. Wild light shows and mysterious dark-sides dominate a multi-dimensional collection of lenticular rainbow fabrics against a black base. Classic sports silhouettes compliment unique fashion pieces as blocks of color, all over textural treatments and solid black reflect the lunar cycle in a color rich range. Utilitarianism meets intergalactic flights of fancy, with multi-lens reflective treatments applied to the Superstar and Instinct, while a classic Track Top and Shorts taken on a new luminescence that is out of this world. A high necked All-In-One nods to retro-future 60s body cuts: all space-race and go faster Three-Stripes with flashes of lunar light, while an exclusive Cropped Track Top with innovative shoulder wings takes Space Shifter into warp speed.