• 26-MAR-2011

adidas Pro Skateboarders capture Phoenix kids' Game Faces at local skate park

adidas Pro Skateboarders roll into local Phoenix Skate Park alongside kids and capture game faces
adidas pro skateboarders Dennis Busenitz, Benny Fairfax, Pete Eldridge, Lem Villemin and Vince Del Valle rolled into the Paradise Valley Skate Park in Phoenix to skate alongside local kids and capture their game faces for the chance to be in a special adidas commercial. The skateboarders visited the local park to see if the kids have the game faces it takes to be in the adidas commercial. The search for the best game faces is part of the new all adidas campaign that celebrates the passion athletes, musicians and artists put into their game. The campaign celebrates the game face – the look of glory or defeat we reveal at the most pivotal moment in the game. Fans of all sports and passions can visit adidas on Facebook to submit their best game faces for the chance to be in the commercial. For details, visit: www.facebook.com/adidasOriginals