• 25-AUG-2015

High School Fashionistas Style the adidas Originals Women's Superstar Lookbook

BTS 15

adidas Originals selected female designers, stylists, and artists from multiple high school chapters of the FIDM fashion club to create and style the adidas Originals Women's Superstar lookbook.

Female fashion and design students from the Los Angeles area came together this past Saturday to collaborate on a shared vision for the next generation of the Superstar. Lifestyle blogger and stylist Aleali May was on hand to mentor and help these young creators cultivate their style aesthetics.

"I'm definitely excited to be here working with adidas Originals and these girls who are going to be leading the next generation of fashion and styling," said Aleali May. "It's important for them to know they can succeed in this industry if they work hard and stay true to who they are.‎"

The young students each styled one look to be featured in the adidas Originals Women's Superstar lookbook. The girls will come together once more to revel in their styling creations as their lookbook pages become the focal point of a gallery show this coming Friday, August 28th in Los Angeles. A hard edition of the lookbook commemorating this project is forthcoming.

Leading up to the exhibition, adidas Originals has partnered with four female style mavens to celebrate the Superstar, its resonance in the fashion world and the creativity of women across the nation. As part of the ongoing interpretation of the Superstar, @alealimay, @swopes, @ojandcigs and @tancamera, continue to share their inspirations throughout this next week.

"Handing over the reins to the Women's Superstar conversation is effortless given that women across the nation have already taken the brand's most iconic shoe and own it in their everyday lives," said Brandon Beaty, Director of Brand Communications for adidas Originals US. "Partnering with these talented women to showcase their interpretations of the Superstar through photo and style is an organic and natural way to see the Superstar live and breathe socially."