• 27-FEB-2018

James Harden: Middle School to All Star

Los Angeles - Audubon Middle School in south central Los Angeles is only 5.7 miles from Staples Center, the site of the 2018 NBA All Star Game. Getting from Middle School to NBA All Star requires a much longer journey.
Audubon Middle School is where a determined 7th grade version of James Harden, and thousands of other 13-year olds around the globe, began dreaming of playing professional basketball. James says the hard work and determination that got him to the NBA started when he was a student at Audubon.
“That’s how I fell in love with the game of basketball” says James, “everyday at recess and lunch we’d go out on the court and shoot.”  
In tribute to the journey from Audubon to All Star, James helped the adidas basketball team create “Vision”, a special version of the Harden Vol 2 using the Audubon school colors.
“Somewhere in the world there’s a kid that has a similar story to me” says James, “I want to make a connection with them and my story, and give that boy or girl inspiration to follow their dreams.”