• 09-AUG-2016

PODCAST: LPGA Tour pro Natalie Gulbis joins adidas Group’s Mark King

Extraordinary Happens Episode Art Natalie Gulbi
LPGA Tour pro Natalie Gulbis joins adidas Group’s Mark King on his podcast Extraordinary Happens. Through her illustrious career, Natalie has solidified herself as one of the most influential women not only in professional golf, but in all of sports.

“It’s the discipline to stick with your routine and it’s the dedication to achieve your goals. All the decisions that you make are getting you closer to your goal or they’re pulling you away. I think about that every single time – not only when I don’t want to practice or maybe I’m not ready to go out that day – but are these decisions I’m going to make today going to get me closer to my goals? Or is it going to get me further apart? That’s something I’ve used throughout my whole career and it has really, really helped me to maintain the discipline and the work ethic that you need.” –Natalie Gulbis

“[Natalie] has relentless energy and enthusiasm for really enjoying what life has to offer … She’s an example of what anyone can do if they have a vision and they’re committed to it and they use what is uniquely different about them to make a difference in the world.” –Mark King, adidas Group North American President


“Having talent is not enough. Just being incredibly talented and not having any work ethic? You have to have those both. At that intersection are those really, really successful people … I was a talented athlete, but I wasn’t the most talented. I didn’t have the greatest genetic profile, I’m not 6-feet-tall, I don’t hit it 300 yards and carry it the way some players now are starting to – but I’ve always had a lot of discipline and I’ve always known and been able to evaluate where my talent is and be able to maximize what I can do and what I can’t do.” –Natalie Gulbis


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