• 09-NOV-2016

PODCAST: Olympic Track Star Tori Bowie joins adidas Group’s Mark King

Extraordinary Happens - Episode Art Tori Bowie
Tori Bowie, a breakout sprinter at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, joins adidas Group’s Mark King on his podcast Extraordinary Happens. Tori Bowie was a three-time All-American track and field athlete at the University of Southern Mississippi. She has carried the title “Fastest Woman in the World” on and off for the last two years and earned three medals in her debut Olympic Games last summer.

“I think it’s all about patience – not the work ethic. The work ethic is extremely important, but I feel that sometimes what we want to achieve is not on our own time. We simply just have to continue to work and have faith.” –Tori Bowie

“It’s just been all about not worrying about what’s going on in the outside world, but just worrying about doing the absolute best that you can do. We can’t control what anyone else is doing. That’s the statement I put into my brain every single day when I get onto the track. Worry about myself. I can’t control what anyone else out here is doing. That’s been getting me by, day by day.” –Tori Bowie

“[Tori] is changing the trajectory of her life and she did it based on patience and faith and chasing the dream that she loves.” –Mark King

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