• 11-FEB-2016

adidas Premieres Next Chapter of “I’m Here to Create” Films

Herzogenaurach/Portland, Ore., February 11, 2016 – adidas today premiered the next chapter of “I’m Here to Create” films from the brand’s Sport16 initiative​.

“I’m Here to Create” highlights real stories of authentic female athletes from around the world, who embrace creativity to tackle challenges, defy conventions, express themselves and fuel experimentation all in the name of sport.

The unscripted films are seen through the eyes of female athletes and pull content straight from their social media platforms, showing how they bring their own definition of creativity to sports.

The films series can be seen via www.youtube.com/adidas and the second chapter tells the stories of:

Professional rock climber Sasha DiGiulianhttps://youtu.be/aOsPuVsdErk

Professional rock climber and full-time student at Columbia University, Sasha was the first American woman to climb one of the hardest grades in the world: 9a. At 5’2” and 105 lbs., she is one of the smallest professional climbers in the game - but she transcends physical limitations with strong self-belief and by training her mind to visualize her climbs and create her own path.

Global tennis star Ana Ivanovic – https://youtu.be/KLlOTAE1CZM

Growing up in a war-torn country, Ana never accepted the fate put right in front of her. Through invention and adaptation she found creative ways to keep her tennis training on track – eventually becoming a global icon in the sport of tennis. 

Supermodel/entrepreneur Karlie Kloss – https://youtu.be/mBwhdjaMfBA

Supermodel, entrepreneur, student and coder, Karlie's ventures are varied and many. Whether through charity, business, content, modeling or fitness, Karlie employs her creativity and unique vision to pursue her passions, proving there's much more than meets the eye.

Yoga star Adriene Mishler – https://youtu.be/gHFqqIv8aqQ

Adriene has taken a thousand year old practice and reinvented it for the modern, digital world by changing how it is accessed. Adriene breaks boundaries – both physical and financial – by taking yoga out of traditional studios and giving it to whoever, wherever they are, for free.

“I’m Here to Create” is airing now globally in more than 50 countries and will be featured during key sports and culture moments including UEFA Champions League, The GRAMMYs, the BRIT Awards and the Oscars, among others.

Follow the conversation via #heretocreate​ on @adidas Twitter​, Instagram​ and Facebook​ channels and for more information please visit www.adidas.com/heretocreate​​.