• 25-MAY-2017

  • Johannesburg


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adidas x Parley launch their first global initiative, harnessing the power of sport to raise awareness about the oceans and inspire positive action
During World Oceans Day week, adidas x Parley will motivate us all to become ambassadors and join the global ocean movement
Sign up at adidas.com/runfortheoceans and follow #adidasParley, #runfortheoceans

Cape Town, 25 May 2017 Today, adidas and Parley for the Oceans announce their first global initiative with the launch of adidas x Parley Run for the Oceans, a global celebration that will take place during World Oceans Day week (5th-11th June) in the United States.  adidas, Parley for the Oceans and Runtastic have come together, harnessing the power of sport as a catalyst for positive change, and inspiring people to get behind the cause, spreading awareness with each step. adidas x Parley Run for the Oceans will create awareness through running, educating participants on how they, as runners, can support the clean oceans movement by taking part in a series of inspiring physical, digital and audio runs across the world.

Digital Run:
Everybody can become an ambassador for the oceans and join the global movement by taking part in the digital run. Between 5th and 11th June, runners from around the world will virtually unite to show their commitment to ocean health, one mile at a time. As they run, people can listen to a dedicated Story Run and learn about the ocean’s delicate ecosystem, the Parley AIR strategy and how they can all be part of the solution. Runners can contribute their mileage and help spread the message by registering for the free digital run here. Those who register and run at any time during this week, accumulate miles and can see how those miles are adding up to the ones run by all runners around the world joining the movement.

NYC Run:
On 8th June - World Oceans Day, adidas x Parley’s first-ever Run for the Oceans will bring their communities of runners, ocean ambassadors, environmentalists, artists, influencers and media together, to inspire collective action and affect positive change in the world. Taking over New York City at night, a collective of over 500 runners will take part in a 5km run illuminating the city streets with blue lights as they go, taking a stand for the conservation of our oceans.

To truly galvanise action through sport, and raise awareness by inspiring the masses to commit to the oceans, an innovative Runtastic Cardio App feature has been created. This Story Run, curated by a team of ocean advocates, is based on unconscious interval training and serves as an ongoing source for raising awareness of the cause.

Senior manager for adidas Running SA, Pieter Warnich says: "Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats to the oceans. adidas pledged its commitment to fight this problem in the partnership with Parley for the Oceans. The brand’s ambition is to create a global movement to stop killing oceans with plastic. With the adidas x Parley Run for the Oceans initiative we combine the power of sport with the power of a digital world to inspire positive action for the oceans. Join runners across the world as we raise ocean awareness.”

Founder of Parley for the Oceans, Cyrill Gutsch commented: "Run for the Oceans is a celebration, a moment of reflection, a peace parade — an opportunity to be mindful of every breath we take and thank the life in the magic blue universe that provides it."

To find out more about how to take action to raise awareness for the cause visit and sign up at adidas.com/runfortheoceans. Follow the conversation at @adidasrunning and @adidasZA​ on Instagram and Twitter using #adidasParley​ and #RunForTheOceans.