Tebogo Ribane

Unite Joburg Character Profile - Tebogo Ribane

Unite Joburg Character Profile - Tebogo Ribane
The final adidas Originals Unite Joburg character interview is from performance artist, Tebogo Ribane. She gives some insights on the importance of art, originality and passing the torch to the next generation.

AREA3: You've been a part of the Unite Joburg campaign from its inception. What has it meant for you to be a part of the overall campaign?

Tebogo: I felt really blessed to know that the world is watching us and that we can be great role models for the youth of South Africa.

AREA3: What is it that inspires you about living in Joburg?

Tebogo: What inspires me about living in Joburg is that every challenge is an opportunity to change your surroundings. Our parents fought for our freedom but now it's time for us to make art alive in the upcoming youth's lives.

AREA3: How do you think adidas Originals has contributed to originality in Joburg?

Tebogo: adidas Originals has acknowledged art in Joburg and is telling us that IT'S GOT OUR BACK; coming to change our nation into a colourful and united South Africa for generations to come.

AREA3: There is such a diversity of culture in Joburg. How do you feel you fit in amongst all of this?

Tebogo: I think you shouldn't feel like fitting in. Be happy to be yourself and be willing to teach others about your choice of explorations.

AREA3: We know there is already a solid base, but what kind of scope do you think there is for Joburg to grow as major player in terms of art, fashion and music on a global level?

Tebogo: I think we're tired of partying. I think it's now time to teach. I would love to see workshops teaching art. How are the upcoming youth going to learn that "the best time in life is Midnight"? Let's do things on a higher level and where you can share some knowledge with the young ones; for they have the key to open the right door for the next generation … We live to learn.

AREA3: You had the opportunity to meet and spend time with Danny Brown in person. Any pearls of wisdom?

Tebogo: I had the opportunity BUT I couldn't go cause I had to work…"HOW SAD"??? It's fine.

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