• 16-MAY-2014

adidas Originals host Women's Collection SS14 and FW14 media day

In March, adidas Originals held an exclusive event for a select group of women's fashion media in Cape Town. The event spanned an entire day and was a first of its kind in many respects; challenging the age-old tradition of simply telling media about an upcoming range, the choice was made instead to invite media to experience it for themselves.Over the course of the day, groups of print and online media arrived at the Roodebloem Studios in Woodstock where they were individually introduced to the SS14 and FW14 collections.

During the course of an hour, the media – which included the likes of ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, GLAMOUR, Women's Health, as well as online platforms such as One Small Seed, Fashion Breed, and The Visual Journal – were invited to select their favourite items from the SS14 collections on display and asked to create a look of their own, after which they were given the rare opportunity to shoot that particular look with one of two professional models on site.

Renowned fashion photographer Kristin-Lee Moolman captured the unique looks with the assistance of stylist Bee Diamondhead. The media were then sent their retouched, best shot of the day merely days later; together with an adidas Originals footwear gift to say 'thank you for attending'.

Feedback from some of the media in attendance:

Brodi Deere (Cosmpolitan): Personally I loved the event. It was helpful and informative but in a fun, relaxed and informal way, which makes me remember an event and the product more! And the fact that we got to interact with the product was also amazing, because very often we are presented with new product but we can't really get a proper feel for the items."

Siki Msuseni (All Things Intriguing): "I must say this was a different approach than the usual launches that I get to go to. Engaging with the clothes, experimenting and putting something together using the new merchandise on display was a first for me, instead of the long-winded product launch speech coupled with a PowerPoint Presentation which often leaves me bombarded with so much information that I seem to forget once I leave the venue."Follow adidas Originals on Instagram adidasZA and on Twitter @adidasZA #adidaswomen