• 11-JUL-2013

adidas Originals presents 'Like to Death'

Unite All Originals Like to Death
In a powerful new collaboration between Geoffrey Lillemon and Stooki, the duo took a social media experience to new heights by creating a page that is slowly destroyed and engulfed in flames the more it is 'liked'.

'Like to Death' is a musical portrait of death presented in a webgl environment. The more people who like the page, the more the portrait is slowly engulfed in flames and particles.

The experience, commissioned byadidas Originals, and is part of their Unite All Originals campaign, which launched in March this year.

'Like to Death' toys with the notion that everyone possesses a social media demon. We browse and digest a mass load of recycled data. We publicise and observe many different lifestyles and leave traces of our online persona along the way.

Social networks have become a digitised high school from which no-one can graduate, but can only log off. Whether you like it or not social media is our fifth dimension into a world monitored by the powers that be. A place for connectivity, learning and escapism. Let's admit it, we are obsessed with our favourite social networks, it's an addiction – thus creating our Social Media Demons.

Deconstructing the symbols in 'Like to Death' as explained by Geoffrey Lillemon and Stooki

Diamond/Stone Symbol - This Demon has its good and bad days, consistently pushing us to post updates when we don't have much to say. You become a loudspeaker drowning out your social circle, until you can only hear the sound of your own voice. It makes you bitter and all you can think of is negative thoughts.

Circle cross symbol - This Demon likes to show off a lot. It makes you become competitive with your online peers, making you come across foolish. It manipulates you into thinking that you are not doing well enough in life, so your defence is to make sure no-one believes that. However you end up creating such an online fantasy, that when it comes to the real world, you become out of your depth.

The Square Symbol - This demon we are all too familiar with and that's the 'notification'. We are constantly surrounded by technology that has access to social media, it's on your phone, computers, watches and now glasses! This demon believes in 'no rest for the wicked'. You become a slave to scrolling through data that has no benefit to your life, it needs to stop now.