• 07-MAY-2013

  • South Africa

adidas Trefoil celebrates 40th anniversary

adidas Originals Terfoil celebrates 40th anniversary
One of the most famous brand emblems in the world – the adidas Trefoil – last year celebrated its fortieth anniversary. The Trefoil made its first public appearance on adidas sporting and sports-inspired leisure wear and footwear at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.

Today, the world-renowned brand symbol represents adidas Originals; the iconic sportswear brand for the street which brings adidas heritage from the past into the now, playing on its ability to stay relevant for all walks of life regardless of time, place, style and passions.

Although the iconic 3 stripes have been the mark of an adidas sports shoe since the formation of the company in 1948, it was when the company expanded into the leisure sector in the 1960's that founder Adi Dassler – and his wife Käthe – sought a new, additional identification mark for the brand.

In August 1971, the Trefoil was born out of more than 100 ideas. Inspired by the 3 stripes, it is a geometric execution with a triple intersection, symbolising the diversity of the adidas brand.

Innovative, classic and always authentic – there are certain values that adidas Originals stands for: authenticity, creativity and individuality.