• 02-DEC-2013

Unite Joburg Photographer Interview 5: Justice and Innocent Mukheli

The final Unite Joburg photographer interview is from the Mukheli twins, Justice and Innocent. Known for portraying South Africa as they see it, they were a great addition to the adidas Originals exhibition at AREA3. Today they share their experience with diversity of Joburg and its people.

AREA3: Joburg is a melting pot of cultures and diversity. As photographers in this city, how does this diversity affect your work?

Justice and Innocent: The diversity is great and being a part of this era in Joburg is amazing, we can't really explain how it affects our work though.

AREA3: Portraiture is such a subjective thing, and that's what makes it interesting. When you're doing portraits what do you try to capture?

Justice and Innocent: We always try to capture the person's emotions at the time and their personality.

AREA3: Do you have a special connection with the neighbourhood that you chose to shoot in?

Justice and Innocent: Yeah we have a very special connection with Soweto. It's where it all started for us. It's our playground. Our home. Our life.

AREA3: In working with adidas Originals, how have you represented originality in your portraits?

Justice and Innocent: By trying to show a type of characters that defines Soweto at its best.

AREA3: How does it feel to be part of such a multifaceted campaign like Unite Joburg?

Justice and Innocent: It feels great and it's such an honour to be part it, we've always been fans of adidas Originals.

The Unite Joburg Photography Exhibition, featuring portraits by Hanro Havenga, Chris Saunders, Anthony Bila, Justice and Innocent Mukheli and Stephanie O'Connor, will be up in AREA3 from 3 December until 9 February 2014. (Closed for the holidays from 20 December 2013 to 13 January 2014.)

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