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01:00:02,000 Hi, I'm A-Trak. 01:00:03,400 I'm a DJ, producer, record-label owner, 01:00:07,640 originally from Montreal, 01:00:07,640 now in New York. 01:00:10,640 What's the best thing 01:00:10,640 about living in Montreal? 01:00:13,240 What do I miss about Montreal? 01:00:13,240 I guess my family, my parents. 01:00:18,080 The food... 01:00:21,880 the spirit... 01:00:24,280 Not the cold! 01:00:25,720 How old were you when you first 01:00:25,720 discovered your passion for music? 01:00:29,120 I really discovered my passion 01:00:29,120 for music and DJing 01:00:33,040 when I was 13. 01:00:34,800 I started scratching, basically. 01:00:37,600 I'd put a record on a turntable 01:00:37,600 and try to scratch it a little bit. 01:00:41,680 I figured a few things out. 01:00:43,320 I picked it up pretty fast. 01:00:45,880 It became this constant challenge to 01:00:45,880 learn more, to figure out how to do it. 01:00:49,920 I would come home from school 01:00:49,920 and practice for hours. 01:00:53,400 I was fully engulfed in it 01:00:53,400 right from that moment. 01:00:57,040 What inspires you? 01:00:58,840 My inspiration varies a lot, 01:00:58,840 especially at this stage. 01:01:02,280 Now that I do more... 01:01:04,440 'Cause I DJ, I produce, I do remixes, 01:01:07,320 I run a record label, I keep blogs. 01:01:11,360 There's a lot of stuff that I do. 01:01:14,160 So in general, I'm just inspired by 01:01:14,160 any kind of music that I'm into. 01:01:19,040 Sometimes it's the spirit of a city 01:01:21,840 or sometimes it could be 01:01:21,840 just being in a certain mood, 01:01:25,680 or another piece of art 01:01:25,680 that gives me a certain perspective. 01:01:30,480 It really depends. 01:01:32,280 A lot of times, it comes down to 01:01:32,280 my music producing 01:01:37,280 or working on DJ sets, 01:01:38,920 and I just follow my ear. 01:01:40,920 So, whatever catches my ear, 01:01:44,080 whatever gives me a little direction, 01:01:46,640 I follow it. 01:01:47,960 What was your highest moment 01:01:47,960 in your musical career? 01:01:50,560 It's hard to pinpoint 01:01:50,560 the highest moment of my career, 01:01:53,720 'cause I feel like my career 01:01:53,720 has had many chapters, 01:01:57,080 many phases. 01:02:00,400 At the beginning, when I was 15, 01:02:04,160 entering these DJ competitions, 01:02:08,080 winning the world championship 01:02:08,080 at the age of 15 01:02:10,960 was one of the high points of my life. 01:02:15,200 Winning this championship 01:02:15,200 that no one's ever won as a teenager... 01:02:19,800 There had never even been 01:02:19,800 a Canadian in the finals. 01:02:23,560 I got there on my first try and won. 01:02:25,640 That was a big thing. 01:02:26,880 But then after that, 01:02:28,960 a lot of the work I did with Kanye West 01:02:28,960 was a really big deal for me. 01:02:33,040 But recently, founding 01:02:33,040 my record label, Fool's Gold, 01:02:36,440 and putting out our first 01:02:36,440 couple of releases three years ago 01:02:40,680 up till now, putting out 01:02:40,680 our first official compilation. 01:02:45,080 Doing sold-out tours 01:02:45,080 has been a big deal. 01:02:48,520 And then the last thing for me is, 01:02:52,520 I have this project called Duck Sauce. 01:02:54,800 It's me and Armand Van Helden, 01:02:56,480 and we have a track out now 01:02:56,480 called <i>Barbra Streisand.</i> 01:03:00,400 It reached high up in the charts, 01:03:00,400 number 3 in the UK. 01:03:03,320 Having a top-5 record 01:03:07,560 for the first time in my career 01:03:09,640 is a really big deal for me, too. 01:03:11,600 What was your lowest moment 01:03:11,600 in your musical career? 01:03:14,000 I'm not sure what my lowest point was. 01:03:16,400 I think I've been pretty fortunate 01:03:16,400 in the sense that I've never really... 01:03:20,960 hit rock bottom in my career. 01:03:23,040 I think there may have been 01:03:23,040 certain periods 01:03:25,400 where there was 01:03:25,400 a little bit less of a spark 01:03:27,760 or a little bit less momentum, 01:03:29,760 but I was still always getting booked 01:03:29,760 and working a lot. 01:03:33,440 I've never had a point in my career 01:03:35,520 where I was completely 01:03:35,520 blocked or stumped 01:03:38,520 or at some sort of dead end.
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