• 18-MAY-2009


Herzo-Base, located just a few miles outside of Herzogenaurach, left behind its past as a military base long ago. Today, the 114 hectare area accommodates the corporate headquarters of the adidas Group: representative and dynamic, with a unique architectural structure, also offering the perfect surroundings for the Group's employees. In short: today, it is the ideal location for the successful future of the adidas Group. In the 1920s, a young Franconian shoemaker had a great vision: Every athlete should be provided with the best equipment possible. "No athlete left behind" was the simple yet inspiring motto of young Adi Dassler. He couldn't know that the dream that started in his mother's laundry room would revolutionize an entire industry in the decades to come. Today, the company that bears his name is one of the leading sports companies in the world with the core brand segments adidas, Reebok and TaylorMade-adidas Golf. The product range includes everything an athlete's heart desires from footwear and apparel to accessories in categories such as basketball, football, fitness, training, adventure, trail, running and golf. The building Adi Dassler started his company in is still located in the center of Herzogenaurach today. Adi Dassler Platz (ADP), as it is now called, served as the global headquarters of adidas AG until 1997 – when the steadily expanding adidas team became too big and the last office resources had been used up. Plans to move the global headquarters to another city or even another country were rejected not only for reasons relating to financial considerations and personnel policy but especially in view of the company's heritage. After all, Adi Dassler's dream had started right here in Herzogenaurach 70 years earlier, thus forever linking the name of adidas to its birth town. In the search for an alternative close by, the decision went in favor of a vacant military base on the northern outskirts of Herzogenaurach. Despite its abandoned state, Herzo-Base, originally built in the 1930s as an air base for the German armed forces, offered the ideal location for the future home of a global player. With a size of 114 hectares, it offered enough space for future growth as well as attractive and representative surroundings for an ambitious project: a campus-like area for the international functions of the adidas global headquarters. In order to achieve this goal, in 1999, as part of an urban design competition, a program was introduced that structured the Herzo-Base in four worlds: the "World of Sports" as the global headquarters on 39 hectares, the "World of Living", a residential area on 30 hectares, the "Public World", public facilities on 25 hectares, and the "World of Commerce", industrial real estate on 20 hectares. Herzo-Base: Facts & Figures 1936The German Army builds an air base, complete with hangars and barracks, in Herzogenaurach, about half an hour north of Nuremberg. 1945The US Army takes over the area after World War II and calls it Herzo-Base. The area is now solely used as a radar station. 1970For the first time, US armed forces are based in Herzogenaurach. In 1989, there are around 1,110 soldiers stationed at Herzo-Base. 1992The US army relocates its remaining troops to the United States leaving Herzo-Base empty. The same year, the US officially returns the base to the German government. 1997The steadily expanding adidas team outgrows its global headquarters in downtown Herzogenaurach, forcing the company to look for alternative space. The vacant Herzo-Base, located just a few kilometers away, is not only big enough to accommodate the company's global headquarters but also offers room for expansion if needed in the future. For this reason, the Executive Board decides to build the "World of Sports" as an extension of the company's headquarters.1999A master plan divides Herzo-Base into four worlds: the "World of Sports" (the global headquarters), the "World of Living" (residential area), the "Public World", (public facilities) and the "World of Commerce" (industrial real estate). After reconfiguration of the barracks and the creation of attractive outside facilities (completion of "Stage 1"), 550 employees leave the building at Adi Dassler Platz in Herzogenaurach and move to the "World of Sports". 2000"Stripes", the staff restaurant, is opened at the beginning of the year. 2003 The adidas Factory Outlet Store opens in the World of Commerce. At the same time, a McDonald's restaurant opens its doors on the opposite side. 2005The Adi Dassler Sportplatz is opened in the World of Sports. The German National Soccer Team uses the grounds for training during the 2005 Confederations Cup. At the same time, construction begins on a conference hotel in the Public World. 2006adidas acquires Reebok. The World of Sports becomes the headquarters for the extended adidas Group. At the same time, it remains the global headquarters of the adidas brand. The adidas Brand Center serving as a showroom for the brand is completed in the World of Sports. The conference hotel in the Public World opens shortly before the start of the 2006 FIFA World Cup™. 2008At the beginning of 2008, around 1,700 employees from more than 40 nations are working in the World of Sports, the global headquarters of the adidas Group. Adi Dassler Platz (ADP) offers space for around 1000 employees of adidas Region Europe and Area Central.