• 17-MAY-2009

Scheinfeld Production Facility

Production Size: 45,000m²Location: Scheinfeld About 40 kilometers away from Herzogenaurach and the adidas global headquarters, the only adidas-owned production facility in Europe is located: Scheinfeld. The site, which today employs 300 workers, was founded in 1959. The "Copa Mundial" and "World Cup" shoes are produced in Scheinfeld, following the quality management guidelines (ISO:9001:2000) and environmental management (EMAS II). Every day, 2,500 pairs of shoes leave Scheinfeld and are sold successfully worldwide. In the so-called "made-to-measure" department, customized shoes and individual pairs are produced. This comprises footwear for people with orthopedic problems as well as for adidas athletes who need personalized shoes for their sport. It includes shoes are made to fit exactly the feet of football stars such as David Beckham and Michael Ballack, complete with their children's names embroidered on the shoe.