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01:00:01,960 My name is Eason Chan, 01:00:01,960 and I am a singer, actor... 01:00:07,280 Yeah, mainly a singer. 01:00:09,600 What do you love about music? 01:00:11,600 Music is... 01:00:13,040 I mean, getting out of bed 01:00:13,040 in the morning 01:00:16,480 or going to sleep, 01:00:18,600 I need music. 01:00:20,960 Without music, I don't think... 01:00:25,760 Well, I don't think 01:00:25,760 there's no music ever. 01:00:31,120 Music is... 01:00:35,200 It gives me a lot of... 01:00:38,120 Well, it gives me life, actually. 01:00:41,920 That's what music is. 01:00:43,480 What does passion sound like? 01:00:45,480 ""Passion"" sounds like a great word. 01:00:49,080 Passion is, I think, inborn, 01:00:52,960 as a human being. 01:00:59,040 Of course, we have 01:00:59,040 the downside sometimes, but... 01:01:02,840 You see, that's passion. Yeah. 01:01:05,080 People, they're not... 01:01:08,080 They don't wanna go, the musicians! 01:01:12,160 Passion is something... 01:01:15,400 we need to ponder in life. 01:01:19,680 Definitely. 01:01:20,960 What age were you when you first 01:01:20,960 discovered you passion for music? 01:01:24,160 I think... 01:01:26,840 at a very young age, 01:01:26,840 I discovered my passion for music. 01:01:31,000 I think everybody loves music. 01:01:34,680 I can't believe 01:01:34,680 anyone doesn't like music. 01:01:39,160 What kind of music 01:01:39,160 do you hate the most? 01:01:41,560 There is no... 01:01:43,480 No, there is absolutely 01:01:43,480 no music I dislike. 01:01:48,320 What kind of music do you like? 01:01:50,320 I like rock music! 01:01:53,120 Actually, I do like rock music. 01:01:55,200 I like... Well, do I have to 01:01:55,200 name the band or what? 01:01:58,800 I just saw... 01:02:02,280 I like fusion, actually, like... 01:02:06,200 Lately I just saw the Gorillaz show 01:02:06,200 in Hong Kong, 01:02:10,400 the Plastic Beach Tour. 01:02:12,400 And they're great. 01:02:15,080 It's just a mixture of 01:02:15,080 the woodwind with the strings 01:02:19,200 and chamber music 01:02:19,200 and also East African music 01:02:25,600 with great visuals 01:02:28,600 and a British rock band. 01:02:32,360 I like mixtures. I like fusion. 01:02:34,560 I like everything: Miles Davis... 01:02:38,920 Madonna. I like Bowie. I like U2. 01:02:43,640 Everything, basically: 01:02:43,640 Jimmy Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz. 01:02:46,760 I don't know. Jamiroquai. 01:02:49,440 Incognito. 01:02:51,120 I could go on! I'm sorry. 01:02:53,240 What was your 01:02:53,240 highest moment in music? 01:02:55,400 I think the highest moment for music 01:02:58,720 is the highest moment for life. 01:03:02,000 We get stuck at some point. 01:03:06,240 I think everyone does... 01:03:10,040 get stuck in life 01:03:10,040 when you have too much work. 01:03:13,960 And that time... 01:03:15,680 Well, my work is very much 01:03:15,680 related to music. 01:03:21,480 So when I'm stuck, 01:03:21,480 I just go for a holiday. 01:03:24,440 Just get away, hide away, 01:03:24,440 go to Ko Samui... 01:03:29,840 or even stay home and read a book. 01:03:32,480 Just think about nothing. 01:03:35,240 Yeah, disconnect. 01:03:35,240 Just isolate yourself for a little bit. 01:03:39,040 And then you get bored. 01:03:41,840 Then you get back to life again. 01:03:45,200 What was the first song you remember 01:03:45,200 hearing and thinking: 01:03:48,120 ""That's what I want to do""? 01:03:49,600 Wow! 01:03:51,760 Well, there are so many options. 01:03:54,160 But at this moment I can think of... 01:03:59,040 The Beatles, <i>In My Life.</i> 01:04:02,840 If you weren't making music, 01:04:02,840 what else would you be doing? 01:04:05,840 I don't think I could be 01:04:05,840 a policeman or a fireman. 01:04:10,720 I tried studying architecture. 01:04:14,320 But I don't know. 01:04:16,280 I mean, I've been in this business 01:04:16,280 for 15 years as a career, 01:04:20,920 so I don't think I know any other... 01:04:27,320 capabilities. 01:04:30,080 I don't know anything else. 01:04:32,240 Well, I guess I could do social work, 01:04:35,080 help out society maybe 01:04:37,840 because I like talking a lot. 01:04:40,280 So I guess I could be a social worker 01:04:43,200 and try to talk someone out of, 01:04:47,280 you know, if they're thinking 01:04:47,280 the wrong way, 01:04:50,160 like trying to... 01:04:53,160 end themselves or something. 01:04:54,960 ""Hey, no, life is good! It's beautiful! 01:04:54,960 I'll sing you a song!"" 01:04:59,480 What does Cantopop have 01:04:59,480 that other music genres don't? 01:05:02,280 Synthesizers? 01:05:05,640 It's funny, 'cause when I was very young, 01:05:08,200 I used to share 01:05:08,200 my Cantopop idol singer's... 01:05:12,680 There's this guy called Jacky Cheung. 01:05:15,920 I don't know why, my dorm mates... 01:05:19,040 Every time I put the CD 01:05:19,040 in the CD player, 01:05:23,800 and he goes... 01:05:29,160 He can tell it's a Cantonese song. 01:05:31,480 I think Cantopop is like... 01:05:34,640 The synthesizers they use, 01:05:34,640 I think it's the arrangement. 01:05:39,320 The chord progressions repeat themselves. 01:05:42,760 This is something I think is... 01:05:46,960 I try... 01:05:48,440 I'm very nosy. 01:05:50,800 I like to listen to all sorts of 01:05:50,800 different music, even thrash music or... 01:05:59,800 That kind of stuff, metal, whatever. 01:06:05,920 Since I'm kind of... 01:06:07,640 I have a little bit of influential... 01:06:10,440 ""Influentuality""? No, whatever. 01:06:13,240 You know, influence... 01:06:16,320 in the Greater China region, 01:06:21,080 I'm trying... 01:06:23,600 different genres of music 01:06:26,480 rather than just the synthesizers. 01:06:28,880 That's what I was told when I was young. 01:06:31,840 All my schoolmates would go: 01:06:33,920 ""Oh no, that's a Chinky song!"" 01:06:37,960 And I'd go: ""Yeah, whatever. 01:06:37,960 I like it, so... 01:06:42,080 ""sod off!"" 01:06:43,680 Do you know Messi? 01:06:45,080 Messi? Oh yeah, I love him. 01:06:45,080 Yeah, he's the best player. 01:06:48,680 If so, how are you connected to him? 01:06:50,280 How do I think I'm connected to him? 01:06:52,440 Well, I love football, 01:06:52,440 'cause in Hong Kong... 01:06:57,320 in primary school, 01:06:57,320 we play football. 01:06:59,440 That's what you call soccer. 01:07:01,400 It's one of the main sports. 01:07:05,200 And of course, I'm a big football fan. 01:07:08,000 Well, soccer. 01:07:10,160 Same thing. 01:07:12,800 And Messi, I think he has passion. 01:07:15,120 You can tell. 01:07:16,280 I mean, he's got a quick mind. 01:07:16,280 He's smart. 01:07:22,480 It's very entertaining 01:07:22,480 watching him play, 01:07:24,880 'cause he's... 01:07:28,680 passionately enjoying himself 01:07:28,680 on the football pitch. 01:07:34,800 It's like me enjoying myself onstage. 01:07:38,080 Well, sometimes it gets a little bit 01:07:38,080 over the top, but you know... 01:07:42,840 Do you know Derrick Rose? 01:07:44,440 I'm not too familiar 01:07:44,440 with basketball players. 01:07:46,960 I only know that they're tall. 01:07:54,080 Do you know David Beckham? 01:07:55,680 Oh, of course! 01:07:55,680 Becks. Come on! 01:07:59,320 Yeah. 01:08:00,600 If so, how are you connected? 01:08:02,200 Well, I wish I had his body! 01:08:10,040 I think a lot of kids look up to him. 01:08:13,520 If you see him... 01:08:15,400 If you saw him play when he was young, 01:08:18,840 at the club, or as an England player, 01:08:18,840 English player, 01:08:22,880 until now, he's... 01:08:25,400 Some people are just born with 01:08:25,400 a lot of... 01:08:29,280 influence on other people. 01:08:31,000 And I think he's doing a lot of good. 01:08:33,400 And he's had his bad times, you know, 01:08:35,920 getting a red card at the World Cup. 01:08:40,240 You know... 01:08:42,720 The fuse went off, that kind of stuff. 01:08:45,120 But they're good examples. 01:08:47,320 He's just human. 01:08:50,120 And he's definitely got 01:08:50,120 passion for life, 01:08:54,160 not just football. 01:08:56,800 And he's giving back. 01:08:58,120 He's got this football school 01:09:00,760 to encourage the sport 01:09:05,480 and the spirit, the good spirit. 01:09:07,960 Do you know DJ Mehdi? 01:09:09,760 I think I've seen that name. 01:09:12,200 I don't know if I've heard his music. 01:09:12,200 I'm sure he's pretty good. 01:09:16,360 Do you know Li Bingbing? 01:09:18,160 Li Bingbing? 01:09:20,240 The actress? 01:09:22,400 Yeah, of course. 01:09:23,680 If so, how are you connected to her? 01:09:25,680 She's in a lot of good movies. 01:09:30,200 Well, she can definitely act very well, 01:09:33,480 as an actor. 01:09:36,440 I wish I could work with her pretty soon. 01:09:39,120 Hi, Li Bingbing. 01:09:44,640 That was Mandarin. Yeah. 01:09:46,960 I hope I can work with her. Yeah.
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