• 06-OCT-2014

adidas snowboarding presents the second installment of the nomad series | nomad 2/3: en route

Being a professional snowboarder is like being an explorer. Nothing is set in stone, and you're always on the move. The snow might be good one day, and terrible the next. You're always out there searching for the next new spot, the next snowstorm, and the next trick.

En Route is the second installment of the Nomad Series of films from adidas Snowboarding and follows Louif Paradis, Kazu Kokubo, and Eric Jackson as they travel the world taking on different conditions in different terrain.

Watch NOMAD 2/3 : EN ROUTE now on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80Uj2Bh23Cs&list=UU05svRpl3TlBTp267IYox9Q


Watch as Kazu, Eric and Louif put the BOOST™ snowboard boot through its paces on the mountain, park and street.For more videos on BOOST™ check out adidas Snowboarding's social media channels.


In our second season adidas Snowboarding presents The Nomad Series—three short films documenting the life of our team as they travel the world in search of new adventures ruled by the snow.